Al starts over from last time.  “I’m Al, again, and my face is that of Storyboard X native and System legend, James Pin.  Who better to have as a face template for a new world that strives to be as strong as he was?”

    Bob goes next.  “James met fellow hero Bryan Sims the Siderian.  Bryan trained the first recorded super team in System history, and of those members, I chose the face of John Jawson.”

    Carl’s turn arrives.  “During that era, which the great Asteroid Siblings visited, one of the greatest SBX heroes of all time, Buck Shiloh, made his powerful presence known.”

    Dan speaks now.  “My choice covers two legends.  Dale Lemuel Jade of Storyboard X was kidnapped and brainwashed by the bane of all thoughts, Ultimax himself, thus turning DLJ into the powerful Green Turcho.  Turch took a while to reclaim, but the forces of good did win him back as Ultimax even began to see the error of his way.  My face does reference him, but my choice was really in favor of his SBXII counterpart, the lovable Turk, whose love for his goofy wife and partner in battle Lori helped bring him from the villains’ side to that of Rowan and his descendants.  My face is to remind all that anyone can change if they truly wish to.”

    I.C. stops him to cheer, “That’s my grandpa he’s talkin’ about, y’all!  Go, Green!”

    Before anyone can get sidetracked, Ima succeeds in giving the floor back to the roll call.

    “Well, on that note,” says Ed, “my person didn’t have as drastic a change.  He just grew up and stopped being an arrogant punk.  I chose the amazing rival and best friend of James Scott, Eric Johnst.”

    It’s Frank’s turn.  “Back to Bryan Sim’s trainees, I chose the face of Kyle Walker, the main member of Bryan’s team-in-training.  I believe Astro Bomber and his sisters met him as well.”

    “Now, we’re getting into the lesser-known System Guards,” says George.  “My face is after a guy that joined the crew sometime between the final victory over Ultimax and Keb’s journey to find her mom.  This dude’s name was Reo and he was a martial arts machine, man, let me tell ya.”

    “Let me tell ya,” says Henry, “my face is that of System Guard favorite Tommy Bear, who was a childhood friend of AB and even filled in as leader on one or two occasions while AB was busy elsewhere.  And yes, this hairstyle is like his as well.”

    Isaac shakes his head as he describes his face, “Tsk tsk, it’s a shame the history books don’t talk more about Terep and his siblings when they helped AB during his trial against the crazy Queen Medley.  Terep was actually from SBXI as well, but ended up in SBX with his sisters, thanks to a freak accident.  After everything was solved and everyone went home, Terep decided to stay behind and marry the kind, virtuous princess that ruled in Medley’s stead after the defeated queen was taken back to XI to begin a long process of facing the issues that took her from being the very first leader of the System Guards to trying to destroy the very hero she had helped create.  Oh, and part of the reason Terep stayed behind is because he had learned his ancestors were actually Ancyro who had switched storyboards at some point.  Neat, yeah?”

    Duplica wants to clarify several things about the last paragraph but politely refrains.

    “Very neat,” says the final male to speak.  Jack gives his speech.  “Did someone mention Storyboard XL at one point?  If so, and you know who Queen Georgia is, then you may know her husband Buddy Roberts.  That’s the choice for my face.”

    I.C. elbows Scott as she recognizes the facial patterns, despite the skin tone difference.  She whispers, “I never knew your face was that of the great King Buddy.  The things you learn….”

    Now, it’s the ladies’ time to shine, so Alicia starts it off.  “How many of you knew Bryan Sims had his wife Mary as one of his trainees?  That’s my face template, as is my suit color.  I’m just glad no one chose Bryan’s face, or Al might get jealous, ha ha!”

    “On that awkward note,” Kammy has to know, “how do you people tell each other apart?  I’d hate to be married to Entoni, only to accidentally realize I had been married to my own uncle for the past three weeks.  What a nightmarish scenario!”

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