Now that he’s starting to understand the real issue, Scott asks, “So, you’re afraid to make new friends because you’re already having trouble keeping the one you have?”

    “Exactly.  I miss her, even when she’s standing right beside me.”  Paul stops and rewords this.  “I’m not saying I have a crush on her.  She’s supposed to be my friend, but she treats me like the wall sometimes.”

    “Have you told her this?”

     Paul’s posture gets defensive.  “No.”

    “I’m sorry,” Scott Prince shrugs, “whose fault is that?”

    Looking down, Paul answers, “Mine.”

    “So, that’s what you need to fix, isn’t it?  Go to the source.”  Prince puts his hand on the young man’s shoulder and asks another question.  “If you try to talk to her and she won’t listen or doesn’t change, whose fault is that?”

    “Hers,” is the response.

    Nodding in agreement, Scott concludes, “Then you do what you need to.  If she doesn’t change, then you give the rest to God and stop living life in her shadow.  I saw the other girls trying to talk and joke with you, but they weren’t good enough for you because they weren’t Gigi.  Kind of unfair, bud.  If you have a friend who doesn’t like you and you take it out on the ones that do in hopes of getting back the bad friend, everyone suffers.  If you can come to terms with letting the bad friend go and embracing the ones that care, then you’re going to have so much peace of mind AND you’re going to find yourself surrounded by a collection of supporting souls you never realized loved and cared about you so much.”

    Paul feels much better at this, but then gives into the doubt again.  “But what do I say to her?  I don’t want to make her mad by miswording things.”

    Scott gives a disapproving gesture.  “It doesn’t work like that.  You give your best, sincerest and Christ-centered effort.  If you have to impress her or convince her to listen to you in the first place, then your friend has bigger issues to deal with that you don’t want any part of.  Simply try and be content with how God works in the results.”  As Scott’s words stew in Paul’s mind, Duplica opens a time portal and directs everyone inside to avoid wasting a whole day waiting for a plastic surgery show.  At the end of this time gate is the return of our team of face erasers, now having a way for us to tell them all apart.  Here we go.

    “Now,” says Duplica to the freshly remolded PAC programs, “care to reintroduce yourselves, and maybe even tell us about the face you chose?  Kids, note that while some of these looks do have hair and/or suit colors to match the face, don’t take for granted that what you’re looking at is a full representation of the person being honored by these facial fashion models.”

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