“Oh, yeah?!”  Excited as a kid at Christmas, Justine pulls a few large blasters out of nowhere, causing Keb to summon two large blades.  “You’d better be glad we’re busy, or I’d thank you for thanking me, punk.”

    “Bring it on, cemetery seed,” Keb says, her face beaming in a cheesy, friendly manner, “We have doubles.  They can teach the lesson while I show the kids how not to fight.”

    Justine jeers while covering her mouth with one of her hands still holding a large weapon.  “You heard her, kids.  Don’t fight like Keb fights.  You’ll never win any championships.”

    This delightful display between the lively duo is cut short as Kammy questions Keb’s choice of name calling.  “Cemetery seed?”

    Keb, along with Clara, stopping everything as if nothing happened, explains, “A seed, like the ones you plant.  Please tell me you still do that in your galaxy.  Well, when you plant a corpse in a cemetery, like they did with this ghost’s bag of bones, it grows into a beautiful tombstone flower!”

    Faye giggles, “Oh, silly, you know that’s not true.  The rock is put there by the funeral people.”

    Katie Elisabeth replies, in a big huff, “Considering one of my nicknames is Eulogy, I think I ought to know how the funeral system works, thank you.”

    As Clara puts her blasters away, she slyly remarks, “The only reason they call you Eulogy is because your skills died long ago, chump.”

    Holding a replica of the item she’s about to mention, Keb asks, “Can you give me some pointers on how to win CFA championships?  You can’t?  Oh, I forgetted.  I’ve actually been the champion once or twice.  You’ve yet to even qualify.”

    “I’m still concerned with you referring to a disembodied PAC program as a ghost,” relays Kammy.  “I hope people don’t forget we’re merely cerebral programs in the biological computer system of the author’s mind.  I’d hate for them to confuse our equivalent of alternating files between being in folders and the recycle bin with the biblically mandated establishment for the real-worlders.  We don’t promote necromancy or witchcraft.”

    “Story, y’all!”  Vahnna tries to get things back on course, and her bold scolding voice is enough to earn a snicker from the understanding Ally J. who comments the current hosts remind her of when she’s dealing with her adorably energetic teenager.

    “So, wait,” says Faye, “was that a compliment, Mom?”

    “Of course!” Ally blips over and squeezes her girl good and tight.

    “Oh, yay!” cheers Vahnna.  “Justine, you barely said anything about your adventure.  Speak!”

    “Yes, ma’am!”  Justine wants to smart off, but she knows she needs to be serious for at least five minutes.  “Okay, I will try to calm down, but I have to tell you there isn’t much more to my story.  I can remember the day we were preparing to launch.  I was talking to Kuro, all excited about the trip, but I was also voicing the annoyance that it took so long to even start.  I loved my best buddy and I liked visiting Mom is XL, but it was time to get the show on the road.  And then, we took off.  We landed on this planet and started a new life.

    “Now, you’d think it would be like when the settlers of America started out, all those romantic tales of families starting new lives, moving west and so forth.  No, this was boring, man!  It was more like those simulation games where the greatest accomplishment you had in a day was raking the leaves.  Then again, considering we had to grow everything from scratch, even having leaves to rake was a big leap, pun intended.  But you guys need to remember what I told you about our forty-eight friends that came with us.  They had absolutely NO personality.  Sure, we hung out and were friends, but these people were so boring and content with doing so little in a day, outside of their responsibilities, that I fell asleep at most of our social events.  How Kuro put up with it I’ll never know!

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