The class rehearses Clara’s genetic heritage and the plan to make a planet of folks with the same genetic makeup, basically an entire planet with the principle behind the angels of Storyboard XL, but with all DNA of everyone everywhere instead of just SBXL.  Clara gladly points out that, while she does have XL heritage, she holds her Scott heritage and name as the most valuable to her.  This is why her favorite color is crimson.  The kids then mention the planet’s atmosphere ensures the perpetuality of Justine’s lineage.  Anyone who moves to the planet will gradually have their own DNA altered.  It’s completely safe, but ensures that any children born on New Ru are fully born Ruyngardians.  All these details were brought over to the Dogwood Galaxy when it was started up, so it’s important for the kids to remember.

    “This is nifty,” says Justine, “but let’s jump to the fun part.  The genetic mundaneness didn’t hit until generations later, so there’s no point discussing it.  My adventure started right after I had just helped Kebby Poo find her beautiful mother.  After that lovely scene, I was introduced to my future husband Kuro Hilms.  We married and met the crew that would be joining us on the new world.  None of these people are folks you know.  There were fifty of us in total, with men and women specifically selected to properly represent most of the various nationalities of Earth, along with one or two other planetary societies.  My husband and I were the first ones to step on this new rock, and I got to name the place.”

    “Did you now?” asks Keb.

    “Well, I started with Hilmsland, but some rudey pants shot that suggestion down.”

    “You were the one to said no to that,” reminds Keb.

    “Yeah, well, at least I didn’t suggest it be called Justinia,” Clara argues.

    “Ha!  Yes, you did, Justine,” Keb rebuts with the snap of her fingers.  But then you were the one that turned that down, too.”

    “Yeah, and that’s when I decided on the name we now have.  See?” the queen gives a victorious grin.

    “You’re hopeless,” Keb declares with a laugh.  “That was what AB and Missy told you to call the rock in the first place, ya silly sister.”

    “And you say I don’t have listening skills,” Lady J. remarks, mockingly twirling her ponytail.

    “You definitely don’t have something,” says Keb.

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