Tapping her daughter from behind, a second Duplica appears, scaring the child until she remembers the mundane details.  “Daughter,” says Cat, “if you’ve forgotten so quickly the amazing convenience of Infinites being able to have doubles fill in wherever they want, transmitting all new information into the user’s mind, then you need to go back to the freshmen year, child.”

    “It was how she said it,” defends Gigi.  “She made it sound like it was a completely different Keb.”

    “Ha ha ha!  Poor thing,” Keb consoles her.  “Is it so weird that I named one of my doubles?  I have rights, too, you know.  Anyway, enough of my hobbies and pastimes.  Aren’t you curious to know why I brought Vahnna along?”

    “To show us her double?” guesses Paul.

    “No, no, dear,” Christiana Scott denies this theory, entering the conversation, “Ignore everything you just heard from Keb.  In fact, ignore everything about Keb from the last few seconds, he he he!”  She successfully maintains control of the conversation despite this shot.  “I am Christiana Scott, the former Queen of Germany from Storyboard X.  I am the great-great-granddaughter of James Scott from SBXI, as you’re aware his son Rowan traveled to SBX and stayed there.  You may also know my own great-great-grandchildren Xames and Christian Scott.  Forgive me if I happen to look like Vahnna, since she is the SBXII version of one of my ancestors.  Either way, Vahnna and I are still from the generations where your face was your face and none else was the case, he he he!”

    Our recurring monarch from Old Ruyngard takes this opportunity to introduce herself…yet again.  “Keb brought me along since I’m a royal Scott from SBXII.  My uncle, a different Rowan, and my favorite cousin Richie both ruled my Ruyngard as brave kings, while I had the pleasure of ruling our ally nation Celron.  Of course, after my husband died and I had my youth restored to me, I let my son take over while I joined my current hunk of a soldier Patriarch to be one of the System Guards.”

    “AAAAAAND!” A new voice interrupts.  The time for kiddy games has finally ended.  Now, you will get to see who it was that turned Katherine Elisabeth from the sweet, innocent little buddy of AB to the fiery socialite we all know her as today.  Justine is on the scene.  “Now, for the one…the only… the one to take the baton from both Christy Scott and Vahnna Patriarch, bravely carrying this honor all the way to the stars…” as she goes on, there are plenty of hand motions to go along with this, “I am honored to finally, officially, introduce myself to you and to formally be your hostess in my most precious chapter of my exhilarating career, Inner Man Theatre, System Comics and the—”

    “Okay, okay, Clara, just get to the point!” Keb shouts.

    Preventing her rhythm from being lost to this disruption, the speaker ends her speech.  “Greetings from the Hero of XL’s New Raz, the Mother of XI’s New Ruyngard and the best fried of Katherine Elisabeth Be-nice-to-me-ya-bully, I am the humble Clara Scott of XL, but more commonly known as Queen Justine of New Ruyngard.  How do you do?”  Despite being a deader, Clara still needs to regain her breathing pattern after all of this.

    “Wow, girl,” Keb shakes her head, “could you be any more conceited?  We’re trying to teach these kids good, Christian principles, not warp them into being arrogant movie stars.”

    “Hey, not cool!” snaps I.C.

    “I wasn’t talking about you,” Keb snaps back.  “Maybe you should take the hit as a hint.”

    The three female students look at each other, wondering if Lady Duplica may actually be more responsible than the group of visitors chosen to be the guides for the day.  Noticing this, Kebber decides to tone it down a little.  “Girls, the kids are getting uneasy.  Let’s not let our jokes get too out of hand.”

    “Totally!” Clara agrees as she motions for Keb not to worry.  “Now, tell me all about yourselves so I know who I’m teaching today.”  The kids and teachers give their names and such, even though Justine is already familiar with most of the adults.  “Good,” says the queen as she thinks of how to start the lesson.  “I suppose we should start talking about the planet.  How much do you know so far?”

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