Duplica explains, “Last year, we went to Storyboard XL and learned how the System Director worked it out so that one girl, Clara Scott, would have the ancestry of every person that had lived up to that point in all the Storyboards.  This young woman, calling herself Justine, helped colonize the planet New Ruyngard, named after the main country of Storyboard XII, which we visited two years ago, and generations later, everyone on New Ruyngard was a descendant of Justine.  Of course, the System Director did something similar with our scenario, with us being the descendants of everyone alive up until the point we were born.  Well, anyhoo, we visiting five eras.  The first is the obvious founding settlement, consisting of only fifty people.  Next will be the Face Revolution.  I see we’re all looking forward to that one.  Third, I don’t want to tell you because you’ll ask more questions than we want to deal yet.  Our fourth era will actually be the modern age, so you can consider it a break from time travel.  However, this won’t last long as we’ll be traveling back to the most exciting era of all.  This is where your test will be.”

    These experienced warriors are much more confident about the upcoming exam now that they’ve gotten the hang of things.

    “Boy, I wish I could go to New Ruyngard and see how it compares to the old turf,” laments Vahnna.

    “But you’ve been there several times, haven’t you?” asks Duplica.

    “Maybe,” Vahnna Didi says with a devious smile as if she is waiting for something to be said.

    “I believe you even competed in the CFA after it was heavily restructured by the System Guards,” says Jocelyn.  “Was it still on Ruyngard then or moved to the Juniper District?”

    “Well,” says the former queen, “whatever ghost you want to call the CFA now does have pitiful excuses for events on Juniper, but I did compete in the New Ru rendition before we retired that dead duck.”

    “So, that’s why you were so bummed about us mentioning Aiden and Greco, you sneaky little thing, you!” Ally says as she’s caught on to Vahnna’s game.

    “Guilty as charged,” Vahnna happily states.

    “Dear Lady Vahnna, do you happen to see the makeup and highlights my daughter is wearing?  Remind me again which family has makeup like that,” Ally enjoys taunting her elder.  “Oh, that’s right; it’s Aiden and her grandmother, Lady Adorable Kim.”

    “Lady Adorable, Lady Spectacular; don’t you kids have a field trip to take?”  Vahnna playfully throws her hand in the air and struts away.  “I’ve had enough abuse for one day.”

    “Aw, you have to at least give me a hug first, Lady V,” insists Ally.  She is then taken off guard by the lightspeed Vahnna gladly hugging the dear.

    This leads to the group following along in the hugging and farewell process, and it’s during the time of saying goodbye to Lady V. that Ent finds an opportunity to catch Faye concerning what she said to Kammy earlier.

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