Not believing her ears, Faye removes her monocle and asks Kam with piercing skepticism, “Are you telling you stopped practicing one of your most powerful attacks so you could focus on getting a boyfriend?”

    Kammy turns as red as the Z on her shirt.  “That’s not what I said, Faye!”

    “No, no, it’s fine.”  Faye says this while her expression and motions disagree.  “If you wanna’ grow up and marry Elfie, have a good life.  It’s not my business if I have competition from a traitor.”

    K.C. hastily snaps, “Do you want to break that thing on your face before we even leave the building?  You’re making that a real possibility, Faye.”  Kam catches herself and clamps her teeth together in a goofy smile to signal to Faye, “Hey, sorry, but please play nice.”

    Fortunately, the forgiving buddy catches on and changes the subject.

    As the group talks about what’s about to happen, Ent uses the distraction to carefully watch Faye and K.C. from time to time.  Elf is used to Faye making claims of marrying him someday, but today is different because it is the first time she’s mentioned the subject in a few months, and on top of that, it was in context of saying Kammy could have him.  Sure, he understands everything involved in the jovial exchange, but Entoni is proud of his friend for maturing so much this past year.

    “Everyone has grown up a lot since last year,” Elf thinks to himself.  “even Paul’s getting better in our training sessions, and he’s even been willing to try new attacks.”  His attention landing on the newly orange-haired “reverend,” Elfie chuckles and lovingly switches to jester mode.  “I was definitely wrong.  Everyone else has grown a lot.  This kid, on the other hand, is nothing but trouble, pure trouble.”  As he thinks this, he quickly glances at the others to ensure the coast is clear.  Once safe, he sneaks his hand under his elbow and fires a laser from his finger to right by his sister’s boot.  It’s enough to get her attention but not hurt her.  Once she notices this action, she slowly turns her head toward him and pushes her bottom lip down with her teeth, waiting for his rebuttal.  Checking for any teachers watching before answering, Ent decides to go with, well, he couldn’t think of anything super witty, so he goes with a simple, classic goofy face done just well enough for his sis to get the message.  This pair of clowns keeps this up for two minutes, and at the end, Elf resumes his former thought.  “There’s no doubt, she’s definitely trouble.  I’d go crazy without her, ha ha!

    So, what have the adults started talking about now that the fashion show and name calling has died down?  Why, we are getting a brief rundown on what to expect on this trip.

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