“Well, considering he’s your Gramps, too, you have a chance.”  Duplica hugs Mrs. Worley and lightly taps her forehead against her friend’s for a playful headbutt.  Frankly, she’s hit her much harder, but there’s no time to spar.

    There’s not much time for anything, but I can’t promise this will be motivation for punctuality.  I.C. and the other adults are getting introduced to the three new “exchange students” who will be taking the places of Gigi, Kammy and Faye.  The trio of new students are Nova G., K.C. Meyers…and Faye.  I think the switch would’ve been more believable if the shortest of the three had gone along with the name change.

    “Worley,” Gi turns to Faye, “I’m highly disappointed in you for not picking a nickname.

    “I say,” says the short one in a British accent similar to that of System Guard Emily Scott, “I’ve had quite my fair share of nicknames for one life, old girl.”

    Elf, standing near the girls, can’t help but be wowed by Faye’s new voice.  “Don’t tell me you’ve been hiding that beautiful sound to cover up your brainy qualities now.”

    Adjusting her monocle, Faye teasingly scolds him.  “Don’t go losing your head in the Crimson Prince comics, my dear brother.  This is, indeed, a voice borrowed from fifteen minutes of practice while you and Gracie dearest spent the time arguing over who lost the key to your mother’s car.  The only one with a new voice here is you, Mr. Manly Man, having grown out of the squeaker stage.”

    No, Faye’s not borrowing a literal voice.

    “Okay, so who’s who?  My, you boys are getting tall!”  Vahnna’s vocal amazement at the boys’ height, as if she doesn’t visit enough to have noticed them growing the past year, starts the name game off for the young ladies as they explain the reason for their weirdness…well, as far as today goes.

    Gigi starts.  “My suit and hair are a mixed reference to Wolf Woman, the neglected Coyote from Axer and Roxy’s era, Globe Trotter, Taxi, Logoya, Night Gale and Nova Shine.  That’s why I’m the one bringin’ the heat, the blazing Nova G.!” She poses as she says this.

    “I say she looks like a reverend, but whatever,” says Faye.  “Also, I think you should’ve included a reference to Coyote Callie, but that’s just me.”

    “Are you saying I’m lazy, Faye?” the mask does little to hide Gigi’s raised eyebrow.

    “Moving on,” Worley coolly transitions to her turn.  “My outfit is mainly themed after Waterfall and Taxi.  I guess you could cross over to other storyboards and include Techbot Virginia and System Guard Ivory Nocturne, but I really chose this look to jump, no reserves, into being my nerdy self.  Okay, Kamo, your turn.”  Waterfall’s secret agent theme is also the reason Faye’s age isn’t in the title picture.

    Her jaw dropping, Kam displays her explosion of inspiration.  “Kamo.  Yet another reference I can add to the list for future outfit designs.  Kamo may actually work even better than K.C.”  Looking at the guest now standing in front of the teenage comedy routine, Kam changes her mind.  “Nah, how often do we get the privilege of having both K.C. and I.C. together on the same trip?”

    “So then, what’s your suit about, hon?” asks Ally before looking at Jo while saying the next part.  “Your hair definitely doesn’t look like anything to do with I.C. or Greco Romana.”

    Kammy continues, trying to ignore the faces being exchanged among the two ladies, “Remember, our outfits are themed after Storyboard XL, so mine includes the Zombies, Lady Spectacular, Dana Darcy and Jaqui Scar for the hair.  I know she’s not from XL, but I decided to switch from the A.J. references to the sister.”

    “So, what about your rope hair attack?” asks AB.

    “Well, sir, I don’t mean to sound disrespectful,” Kammy nervously pushes her hair behind her ear as she smiles the most enchanting grin the three teen boys have ever seen.  “Faye and I have both been working on finding balance between books and looks.  I guess I wanted to break out a tad.  I haven’t even used that silly attack in so long, there’s really no point in even practicing it.”

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