Ally giggles, pleased with both the great compliment from such a higher up and with the news she gets to tell the girls.  “As if you haven’t figured it out, Jo, I get to come with you guys for once!  I’ve been wanting to visit at least one era, but I just haven’t been able.  AND I’ve been told we’re journeying through the history of New Ruyngard, which means I may get to meet my namesakes!”

    Before the giddy gal can go on, Cat states, “I like how you only assume Jo could figure it out, ma’am.”

    “Tee hee,” giggles Al, “I was hoping you’d catch on.  But yeah, I’m excited.”  Dancing to the rhythm of her name, Ally cheers, “I’m Allison Jaqueline Worley, baby, and I’m named after some of the coolest women in history.  Most people can guess my name and look is a mixed tribute to Jaqui Scar and AB’s mentor Ally.  But I get to meet the most happenin’ girl of New Ruygnard, Ariana Jocelyn, also known as A.J. Brown!”

    “Oh, no!” Cat corrects, “A.J. is the faithful, crazy best friend, but we all know that Aiden Ashley Anderson is the face of the CFA.”

    AB starts to laugh as Vahnna mutters a jealous, “Here we go.”

    “Guys,” Jo voices her opinion, “if we’re talking the CFA’s Greatest, why don’t we take a look at the class, myself included?  Of all the fighter legends, whose face model is the only one used among us descendants?  Your face is after Jaqui Scar’s, Ally.  Cat and her kids are after AB and Cici’s.  BUT my face, my granddaughter’s face AND your own daughter’s face, though indirectly, are the model of the longest-running CFA competitor, the living statue herself, Greco Romana!”

    As Jocelyn cheers for her favorite ancestor, Ally defends her choice of face model for Faye.  “You know very well my Faye has the Judy Josey model, which comes from the same template that Greco’s did, so you technically can’t accuse me of using hers, ha ha!”

    Basking in the thought of still living in a side of the universe where facial features aren’t as changeable as socks, AB reviews the trip itinerary.  “It’s good that y’all bring up the face thing.  If any of you ever bothered to research the history of where you’re going, you might find it a pleasant surprise to learn that I added an extra era to what we typically cover for the colony planet.  You’re going to visit the age where the genetic environment of Ruyngard resulted in everyone looking the same.  You’ll see how they used their advanced tech to start the whole trend of choosing a baby’s face and skin color, allowing for more variety.  On that note, I find it funny you kids don’t really bother with the pigmentation.”

    Shrugging, Cat says, “With all the problems that arise from different skin colors, our society saw it as an unnecessary inconvenience.  As long as you can tell people apart by their face, dress and personality, that’s good enough, I reckon.”

    “Still,” Jo submits, “like Ally said, Greco Romana, Yuri Williams, Judy Josey and others all got their face designs from a previously established source.  I’d love to know who I really look like.  Ally and Cat know, and it’s fitting.  I mean, since we’re all related to the people we look like, it’s not as big of a deal.  But that doesn’t keep me from wanting to explore my ancestry.  I firmly believe K. C. would benefit greatly from such knowledge.”

    “K.C.?  Then you’re giving in to her stylish demand?” Cat concludes.

    “Hey,” AB jumps at the chance for transition, “K.C. reminds me of a time.”

    The girls see where this ride is going and hop on board.  “Yeah?”

    “A very important time,” continues Astro Bomber.

     “One of the most important in New Ruyngardian history!” adds Jo.

    “What event is that?” Vahnna gleefully asks.

    All at once, the group joins together in welcoming the guest teacher for today by saying one of her favorite lines, “When Lucy wounded I.C. Mendez!”

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