Rising to his feet, Grille says more loudly, “WE are the clowns.”  He then looks up, levitating frozen for several minutes.  His eyes start to glow, putting everyone on edge, but nothing happens for about three minutes.  Cat timed it.  Finally, he looks at those surrounding him and relays his sorrow.  “I have told my brethren of their shame and of our betrayal.  We can no longer infest the System if that exceeds the reach of our father.  He is the greatest and we will not surpass him.  So, we will die for our crime, and we will do so in a manner that lets our father’s destruction remain unsurpassed.  All of my family’s data has been transferred into me.  We have failed our father.  We have betrayed Arion Jekel.  We are the Family of the Dead.  If you destroy me, you destroy us all…assuming you can.”

    Grille has set the stage for his final, definite eradication from the System, once and for all.  However, he’s going to take out as many people as he can along the way, though not too many so as to not accidentally surpass Arion Jekel’s record.  In reality, the record holder is definitely Ultimax.  For that matter, Jekel didn’t do nearly as much destruction as everyone else.  He is indirectly responsible for most of it, and his powers are definitely the most dangerous, but his targets were more about quality than quantity.  Either way, this kid of his has some fatal flaws, as you can see.

    To make the scene even more pathetic, the more the Baylor boys and Duplica second guess his every decision, the less confident Grille keeps feeling, becoming irrationally insecure about doing anything that might outdo his maker.  His fear and hesitation to act make him an easy target, earning him the beating of his artificial life.  But, as you may recall, he is a being of chaotic rage, so he will only endure so much before he strikes back.  “I will torture you and watch you howl like I watched Misa the day I changed her from a human into one of my freaks!  Yes, I was so happy to learn that the humans turned on each other and resurrected my victims to torment each other, so I just had to visit the Happy War era and see that blonde girl I slew become a monster just like me, and Misa finally being mindlessly obedient like the tool I made her to be!!  Yes, you will all—”

    That’s when Grille turns to see a surprise.

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