Now, Elf and Gi can work their twin magic.  Now, Owan and Kammy can show what family is all about.  Now, Faye T. and Paul…not even they know.  They’re just going to make it work.  I should point out that Gigi did manage to damage the right eye of the thing, but it learned from this and reinforced the left side.  The boys try attacking the hinges of the knees and elbows, but find they are not as exposed as you’d hope at a time like this.  The team experiments with a few other tactics before Elf finally sees what he believes to be the answer.

    Flying over to Faye and giving her a light, playful punch on the shoulder, Elf cheers her on.  “Lady Muscle, you’re doing really good today.  I’m scared to make you mad now, ha ha!”

    “You’re sweet!” she says, very pleased but careful not to go overboard.  “So, what’s up?”

    “Think you can distract him while I try to get to the back of his head?  I think I might be able to fire a shot or stab my sword into the spot that connects to his neck, but it takes getting up there first.”

    Faye grips her fist and gives a hearty, “I’ve got this, captain!”  She then races to the girls and shares the plan while Ent flies to the side until it’s safe.  “Girls, you want to help me cover for Elfie?”

    “We don’t have time to get caught by that thing so you can flirt and show off, Faye,” a distracted Kammy shoots down this plan with little thought.

    “What?!”  Faye can’t believe what she just heard.  “I’m trying to help our friend, just like you, Meyers!  Get off your know-it-all high horse and let someone else have the spotlight for a second!”

    No longer distracted, K.C. turns, having put up with Faye enough for one fight, and angrily shouts in the girl’s face, “You’re always in the spotlight!  It’s not always about you and Elfie!”  After she says this, she quickly corrects herself, but this time not nearly as loudly or intensely, “It’s not always about you.”  As much as she’d like to believe this covered her tracks, she can tell it does not.  Embarrassed at this subtle revelation, she starts to fly off, saying to Faye, “Whatever.  Go get caught for your boyfriend.  I’ll be here to bail you out, I guess.”

    Grace gets in Faye’s face, not allowing her the time to process Kammy’s remarks.  “Hey, do you think one big sister is enough to help you out?”

    Faye’s annoyed but she welcomes the help.  “I’m not sure I can focus after all that, hon.”

    Putting her hands on her friend’s shoulders, Gigi replies, “Then don’t focus.  Don’t focus on her.  Don’t focus on Elfie or me or that robot.  Focus on God.  You know everything you’re capable of.  Give everything to God and do your best for Him.  I think you can surprise us all if you stop trying to show off, which I know you’re not trying to do now, and do your best in His strength.”

    For those who’ve forgotten and wonder how a PAC program can fight in God’s strength, their prayers and service for Him are an extension of me as a writer praying to my Creator for wisdom in what to write next.  If I’m seeking the Lord, what I type will be by His guidance, and thus the System Guards’ actions will be as He wants.  They benefit third-party.

    That said, Faye takes a moment to get her head on straight.  “My best, huh?”  She then looks at the machine carefully, examining every nook and cranny of the bot before smiling the most victorious, sarcastic smirk she can and raising up with purpose, whispering, “And the mask comes off.”  She flies up into the air and shouts at the top of her lungs, “Taxi!!”  At this beckoning, all eyes look on in horror, with the opinions shouted matching the tone.

    “What are you doing, you moron?!” shouts Kammy.

    “That’s not what I said to do, Faye!” yells Grace.

    Elf flies toward her, knowing exactly what she plans to do but not being able to figure out how her plan is going to help at all.  “Faye, if you get caught, you can’t control it from the inside.  That’s the point!  You’ll only make it that much stronger!”  But his words are useless and his flight trajectory too far away, even if by a few feet.  The massive hand grabs Faye and pulls her inside.  She never screams, but just keeps smiling like she’s already won.

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