Spinning around in blissful nostalgia, Grille chants, “Round and round, what makes the world go round?  Love makes the world go round.  My father wanted us to find a way of bringing him back if he died and couldn’t return on his own, but I know him.  He’ll never want to come back as long as what I’ve done is in motion.  To him, he’d rather be dead and know AB is suffering than live and hope to get the upper hand.  It is, then, in his honor that I have done this thing.  I discovered another, one who is the Jaqui to the Jekel.  While Father was the embodiment of fear, regret and chaos in the mind of the System, Destiny calls.  Destiny, the one you call Allure, is the source of all lustful intent in the System.  While Jekel created his puppet children, Allure would transform foolish girls into her Lure Bots, also known as the Pretty Faces, and send them to attract young men to her lair where she would change into her true, beastly form and devour them all.  What a woman!

    “Unfortunately, both my father and Allure were destroyed long ago, having never gotten the privilege of working together.  So, having researched this, I thought to myself about how I had been so focused on the Ultimate Being and reviving my father that I completely missed the point.  It isn’t power that rules the world.  It’s a woman.  So, I took every principle I’d learned in XL, of zombies and Ultimen and the Powered, and I have truly made the ULTIMATE MACHINE!!”  Grille then laughs for forty-five seconds straight.  Duplica timed it.

    Michael shakes his head in disappointment.  “You seriously don’t know what the Ultimate Machine was?  All that traveling wasted.”

    Grille challenges Michael by asking, “You really think Ultimax was it, don’t you?  Well, tell me; where is he now?  Is AB defeated and dead?  Is everyone converted into a Galactic Phantom?  I don’t see Thanatos or Tank anywhere.  The Ultimate Machine will wipe you all from the System.  I have created a being that has all the horror of Arion Jekel…and all the charm of Allure.  And you want to know the best part?  I made sure the grandchild of Arion Jekel was sent to torment the granddaughter of Astro Bomber.  That’s right!  Duplica has my picture-perfect creation living right there with her!  At any moment, my little Jekeline, or Jeko as I call her, may decide enough is enough and destroy you all!”

    And we have another forty-five seconds of laughter.

    “Forty-seven,” Cat angrily corrects AB when he assumes it’s the same amount of time.  That is when the one being spoken of makes her pestered presence known in Interval City.  Right there, with Adam and the gang, Duplica stands to see Grille.  “So, you’re the guy who sent that thing after me?”

    “Ah!!  So, you’ve met my little Jeko, have you?”  Grille spins and flips in evil bliss.

    “I killed her last week.”

    “Huh?”  Grille stops flipping and asks her to repeat what she just said.

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