And with this, Grille hisses in a horrifying mechanical voice.  “And I know why AB was disinterested in that story.  Cap was a guilt-ridden older brother who sacrificed himself to make amends to the two sisters he had let down.  AB saw that story as too depressing to bother with, but WE saw it as food!!  My brother went there, drawn by the tension among siblings.  That is always what your stories are about, isn’t it, AB?  There’s always an angry, violent brother and an overly affectionate sister.  To you, all you see is, ‘The friendship of me and my siblings is echoed across the System.’  You never stop to ponder how many of those stories involve turmoil, always on the brother’s part, with the sister’s wandering eyes and emotions always being her obsession.”

    Keb and Cici scoff at this.  “So, what is he saying?  We’re too lovey dovey or something?  Freak.”

    Grille tightens his fist.  “Adam, your Asteroid leaders are so arrogant to attribute everything to themselves.  DO you not know enough of XI’s history to see it?  The sister who must have every male in the System to herself and the raging brother who wants only to see the cosmos burn…all of the stories…are theirs.  It is the story of MY brother and of MY sister.  It is the story of the Scars!”

    Grille finally unveils how he was able to endure and why the snot he even matters so much.  Though identified as Arion Jekel, he vehemently denies this.  “Do NOT dishonor my father with such an insult!!  I am but a child of Jekel.  He tried to adopt your A.J. and Jaqueline Scar, but they couldn’t appreciate his genius and gave themselves to your weakness.  Jaqui, Arion, you two siblings disgrace us by your ‘clean living.’  How nauseating!  But I digress.  You see, our father, as you know, had his army of Ersatz, and many of these have been scattered across the infinite storyboards in hopes of finding ways to secure his return if ever his food source of inspiration were cut off.

    “I began my existence the same as Victor of SBX, a marionet minion that was vanquished in my first mission.  Fortunately for me, the Patterson Corporation revived what they thought was a deranged scientist, not knowing the mind they were really transferring into a newly created body.  Now, I’m better than ever, complete with all the knowledge and battle skills of Storyboard XL.  On top of that, you lot even gave me a delightful escort across the universes where I was able to communicate with my brethren.  Hahaha!!  Because the universes merged, including XL right after the Time Unit left, I’m the only one of my kind that’s still kicking, but you literally gave me my own plane to go to the past and visit my siblings whenever I can manipulate the Time Unit to go where I trick them into going!  Oh, the information that I’ve gained!!  And I bet you want to know what I’ve gone and done with it.  Well, let me tell you.”

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