Chapter 9  His Name Is Victor

    “I applaud you for finding me, Adam and Michael Baylor, but you’ve only succeeded in securing your places in the Drawing Board.”  Do you recognize this man?  It is Victor Grille, the very first villain of this storyboard.  I, as the author, have to tell you that I intended for him to be a one-time threat.  The best I know how to explain is point to the active nature of the System in saying I’ve been learning as you will soon why in the world this dude is so important and how he managed to come back.  This wasn’t my intended idea.  These stories make themselves.

    “Okay,” says Michael, opening the floor, “so, what’s the deal, Grille?”

    “The deal,” says Grille, “is that I am now the grateful son of SUSIE, twice now born in her kindness to walk the Earth again, or in this case, to travel among the infinite universes, ensuring my legacy goes on forever.  Soon, I will discover how to infect the Juniper District, but until then, you can rest assured you will not be rid of me before I find a way in.  I invite you to strike me down, for I am in every place.”

    “You’re telling this to a group of Infinites?” questions Eric Scott, the Baylor boys’ unmasked brother-in-law.  “That’s not very wise.”

    As AB and Cat listen in, Keb and Cici tap into the line and start all the theories going in their minds as they learn Victor’s been traveling the Storyboards.  Cici draws a map on her hand and gasps in shame.

    “Ant, how dare we?!”  Her brother is now intrigued, so C-ster expounds.  “Of all the places we’ve visited and mentioned in our history over the years, we never mentioned the adventure of Cap and Adnap the tiny robot panda.  The villain in that story was a creepy dude in black named Victor.  Could Grille be his much older form, or since that was in SBX before the Medley thing, maybe Grille went there and made a duplicate.  OR maybe it WAS Grille during one of his many zombie revivals…pff, which means he loses A LOT.”

    Grille is interrogated based on this information and discards it all as rubbish.  “I know of the Victor you speak.  He is my brother, and he was weak.  OH!  How he disappointed our father!!”

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