AB starts, “James’ son, Rowan, and his best friend Elena Burt were time-travelers that got stuck in Storyboard X.  As they got separated, Rowan stayed there while his friend, skipping the details, eventually made it back to the present and soon started traveling on her own.  Her new team consisted of veteran SGs in addition to a Scott from an entirely off-the-trail Storyboard with a ridiculously high number.  These four kids were, and are, a crazy team going around time and space to learn everything they can.  I should point out that when they started off, SBXL was still its own storyboard, even though we stopped keeping up with it after the Ultimen-Powered War.  Even when the Baylors became regular SG members, we still didn’t bother with XL.  When we finally looked back into it, we came across two college girls, Misa and Tiza, who lived on a space colony several decades after our last visit, and these friends had just met a strange young man who was running from the law.  A few days after we started observing these events, Misa drowned in a cycling accident, but Tiza had attempted to save her and would’ve fallen down a waterfall at the end of the river the girls were in if not for this mysterious boy.  His name was Alios Crucian, and he was an escaped test subject.”

    Keb joins the call.  “That story, huh?  It’s a sad surprise when you watch and see the main girl, Misa, suddenly die.  But the romance that develops between Tiza and her ‘guardian angel’ is precious.  Her nickname for him is Jerk.  It’s so adorable.  Can I tell the rest, bro?  Awesome!  So, after getting to know each other and running from Crucian’s assailants, they soon learn what’s up.  The Patterson Corporation was still at it after all these years.  You see, Duplica, when your kids are done here, they’ll see the war end and watch as the new Powered will no longer be built with the autonomous feature that proved so deadly.  They’ll be lifeless metal suits that multiply the user’s power.  Well, Patco will focus on taking the Ultiman concept and the Powered idea and mashing them together.  Crucian was the first human Powered.  As he demonstrated when it mattered, he could change into a giant robot, and even let a passenger ride inside him.  However, if he shrinks back to normal size, the passenger will be instantly digitized, involuntarily on the part of Alios.  I’m not sure if this was supposed to make Alios the Ultimate Being with him being able to multiply his own power, or if this was just one step closer to a fading dream, but there’s one thing I do know…the villain was a zombie.”

    Adam hisses, “Grille.  The first villain of XL had been brought back as a Patterson and was able to gain control, not only of the company, but eventually the entire space colony.  If not for some really good computer skills, who knows what would’ve happened?  Grille was defeated and eradicated from the colony, once and for all.”

    “And Alios was able to marry Tiza and have a normal life,” adds Kebbers, “and then their daughter traveled to Earth and got stuck there.  Turned out Misa hadn’t drowned but had forgotten who she was.  She was an angel!!  She used her powers to save the friend that was trying to help her get her memory back, but in the end ‘Angela Daki’ never could remember who she really was.  In fact, by chance, her son married Tiza’s daughter, but because the couple lived on Earth, the two mothers were never in each other’s presence, so the two separated best friends died thinking the other was dead, while their kids were husband and wife.  That’s where we stepped in, used the time device to restore Misa and Tiza and got everyone together to officially make them SBXL System Guards.  Two generations later, we had a team of which there hadn’t been such rich quality since the Baylor days.”

    “Why, thank you!” says Michael.

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