“AB, Duplica, Adam here.  I hope you don’t mind that I brought Michael and our brothers-in-law along, just in case.”

    “Not at all,” is the response from AB.

    “The biggest mystery in our storyboard’s history and you didn’t think to ask Detective Baylor?” Michael laments.  “AB, sir, I’m highly offended.  Ha ha.  This is Lyger-level material, so I had to jump as soon as Adam said something.”

    Cat thinks he’s just talking big, but AB backs up his claim.  “Michael, I am glad you went along.  I can’t deny your expertise in this type of work.  In fact, I’m guessing that’s how you ended up wherever you are now.”

    “And where is that?” asks Duplica.

    “You’ll never guess,” says Adam.

    “That’s why I asked, Baylor.”  Duplica is merciless.

    “We’re in Interval City.  Comforting thought, right?” Adam’s words are not pleasing to hear.  Interval City is the last civilization of Storyboard XL, and is an entire city of time travelers that goes between eras in history, as well as from universe to universe.  The most disturbing part is that Interval City makes regular stops in the Juniper District since all its inhabitants are a part of the System Guard Time Unit.  That’s right; the SG’s have an entire department set aside for time travel.

    “It all, basically, started with the Lost Angel.  Well, it technically started with James Scott’s son Rowan, but details.”  AB waves this part off, but Duplica demands answers.

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