Kammy’s not interested in arguing with any more people than she has to, so she sticks with letting her fists prove her point.  Out of frustration and a hint of desperation, Kam starts to go through her assortment of attacks, a tribute to what diligent studying and training can do.  First, while she could fire blasts from the heart insignia on her uniform, K.C. sees this as overdone and unoriginal, so she’s modified it so that she holds up her hands and has the heart on her shirt glow.  Then she fires a bunch of heart blasts from which the fire woman must quickly run and fly to avoid.  Next, she pulls out a yellow flute and starts to play it, causing the fire user to falter in her flight patterns before lowering to the ground to catch her balance.  Kammy continues this while occasionally firing weaker shots to further worsen the gal’s sense of gravity.

    Finally, with enough patience and flute playing, Kam is able to approach the target close enough to unleash her next, slightly odd, attack.  Kammy Crystal can use her pigtails as ropes to tie up her adversary.

    “Ha ha!” laughs the fire user.  “Now, you have made your mistake!  I will burn my way through your pretty, blonde locks!”  The Ultiwoman bursts into flames, but as she does, the teen’s hair turns to stone; crystal to be precise.

    “Pathetic,” Kammy taunts.  “Every part of my outfit, every attack I’ve worked hard to learn, and even the hairstyle I chose were all selected with the closest of detail.  Everything about me, even my name, is a refence to something System Guard related, sometimes referencing multiple things.  I hope you like my nanobot hair extensions turning to stone in homage to Greco Romana.  I assume you won’t mind the slight detail of them being crystals since that’s my name and all.  Now, about this flute.  It’s a reference to A.J. Scar’s early days as a System Guard.  He used a flute in battling one of Ultimax’s minions, and he finished that fight with this very attack.”

    Kammy points the flute at the fire girl’s face and starts to say goodbye, but then feels bad for being so grumpy.  “Fire Woman, I will give you one chance.  If you back down, I’ll let you go, but it’s my duty as a System Guard to protect everyone, no matter what I have to do.  If you refuse to stop, I won’t let my anger control me, but I will do what I have to do.”

    “Okay, yes,” says the Ultiman in desperation, “I give up.  Now, let me go.”

    “Fine by me.” Kammy turns her back to the girl and carelessly undoes the attack.  Our girl is then engulfed in a flame that completely wipes her from existence.  Just like that, in a moment of mercy, Kammy’s entire body is vaporized.  As the fire user smiles and looks around to choose her next target, she hears someone whisper in her ear, “Ersatz.”  And with this, the enemy is wrapped in Kammy’s cadet set of capture cables.  Did you really think she’d go down like that?  Since this is a simulation, instead of the criminal being transported to the SG prison, she simply disappears and Kam’s cables drop to the ground, ready to be reused.  “Hey, why don’t I try that on the big guy?  Worth a shot.”

    “Woohoo!” yells Jo Meyers, completely forgetting the kids can’t see or hear her.  “That’s my grandbaby right there, guys!”

    As Faye sees her comrade coming to help them, she congratulates her on a great fight.  “The way you used your hair, it was a reference to A.J. Scar’s chain attack, right?”

    Impressed, Kammy agrees.  “I’m surprised you knew that.  Good job, Faye.”

    Overjoyed at the compliment, Faye displays a huge grin as she says, “I usually prefer his mysterious black and white look, but I think I’ve had enough of that on this field trip.  Butterflies are cool, too!  Maybe you can teach me some of your moves if I promise to pay better attention than I usually do.”

    Crystal rolls her eyes and laughs as she now approaches the Powered.  “We’ll see.”

    Duplica watches the fray, picking food out of her teeth, when she gets an incoming call from Adam Baylor.  It is actually a group chat for her and AB.  Let’s listen to the exchange.

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