“So, tell me, Grandpa,” Duplica says, looking at him from her comfortable chair, “do you think I was babying them by not adding a speedster?”

    “We’ll include one next time.  Can’t just hand them an A+ all the time.”

    “Oh, whatever,” Cat says with a laugh.  “At least we didn’t fight alongside them like last year.  Little steps, after all.”

    Speaking of little steps, the elf must have been simulated to know Entoni’s nickname, because he won’t stop going after him, to a fault, and Ent realizes this.  While it was annoying at first, our green boy sees the end of this adversary approaching.  Finding ways to silently communicate his intentions to Owan via visual signals, Elfie tries to fight the Ani with Owan but the elf Ultiman just won’t let up.  It is this obsession that the boys counted on.  With his target distracting him, the small fighter is negligent of the other opponent who is ready to attack.  This assault comes in periodical strikes rather than one strong hit, accounting for still having to deal with the Ani.  All the same, the elf just doesn’t get what’s going on.  Owan gladly seeks to remind him, but is shoulder-blocked by the Ani, leaving Elfie to deal with his stalker by himself momentarily.

    This means Paul has ended up having to face the Jungle Man and the bird boy alone, using his speed to easily stay away from “Grass Guy” while fending off the threat in the sky.  Paul wasn’t intentionally abandoned by his team, but rather picked out by the foes, and now they are seeing his defeat is not as simple as they’d assumed.  And to make things worse for these two villains, a great cry of agony is heard nearby, and as everyone turns to see what it is, the greedy elf can be seen turning to pure light and fading away.  One down!  Looks like Jungle Man and Bird Boy are about to have company.

    Elsewhere, Faye finally gets her wish as she and Gigi make a formation to get the timing down for the next wave of attacks on the Powered.  Despite the commentary on Faye’s attitude toward the fire girl, Kammy’s cooperation has finally become a good reason for Faye to let K.C. handle the hot tot, since she obviously has more fighting experience than Faye.  You know what happens next, I’m sure.

    “So, what are your attacks again?” asks Gigi, slightly embarrassed.

    “I could give this thing the Kiss of Death,” Faye suggests with a smirk.

     “That’s one of your attacks?” asks the surprised Gi.

    “Yeah,” Faye shakes her head in disbelief at Gracie believing her, “my boot can kiss that thing’s head.”

    “Oh,” Gigi gets it.  “Don’t mock me for not knowing your attacks.  Do you know any of mine?”

    “The ring attack.” Faye says with hop.

    “I just did that.  Doesn’t count.”  Gigi bobs back and forth as the Powered is ready to strike.

    “Well,” Faye says with a shrug, “you can never make up your mind, so it’s hard to name an attack you actually stick with.”

    “True that.”  With Gracie’s admission of guilt, the two girls dodge the Powered’s massive hand reaching for them.  As the sisters go about to keep the thing busy until more help can arrive, they exchange jokes and generic girl talk, as opposed to the barking of orders exchanged between Faye and Kammy moments ago.  This stark contrast is also noticed by the girl who is now stuck handling the Ultiwoman by herself while her classmates are having a grand time hanging out.

    Catching on to this potential weakness, the female fire user taunts, “For someone who controls fire, you’d think I’d be the hothead.”

    “You shut your mouth, or I’ll shut it for you!” roars K.C.

    “Ha!  Pitiful,” jeers the woman, “that was your mission when we started fighting, and you’ve yet to convince me I’m in any danger, child.”

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