“Oh!” K. Crystal gets it.  “She was the last recorded case of an angel, and died in her sixties, for which the dates accounted.  Okay so, the era actually ended with her death.  That’s really sweet that she was still considered an angel even though she hadn’t displayed any more powers for fifty years after her ten seconds of glowing eyes.”

    “Eh, I suppose,” says a disinterested Leila.  “Are we going to talk about Alice, or can we get on with the lesson?  She still owes me money, so I’d rather talk about something else to forget my troubles.  The girl thinks that just because she’s dead she can go around borrowing my cash and take five months giving it back.  It’s like her sense of responsibility died with her.”  Tending to her gloved nails as a gesture to show her displeasure, Leila looks up to see the confused young eyes looking at her.  “Surely you understand the heartaches of best friends.  Eh, who am I kidding?  I told her to pay me back whenever.  Didn’t think she’d take me so literally.  But yeah, the story…. Um…. Keb, what comes next?”

    Falling to her knees in extreme laughter, Keb shouts, “YOU and Justine are the reason I lost my sweet, patient nature, hahahahahaha!!  We’re talking about your life story.  Don’t ask me to tell your history, you crazy thing!”

    “Fine, so I’ll start over from the very beginning.  Back in Y. 7000, two girls got a job at a coffee shop.”  Leila gets several looks that tells her no one is looking forward to this.  She is so happy.  “Heh, that’s what I thought.  Oh yeah!  They built giant robots!  As long as there’s been technology, there’s been giant robots.  The only problem is when you have folks with superpowers piloting them, because superheroes grow and become stronger, but giant robots typically do not.  So, in Acer’s day, the designs were drawn up for a new kind of big bots.  These were forgotten about until modern times, speaking from this era’s perspective, and now, we have what is called the Powered.  They are giant robots that feed off the energy of their super pilots.  If you have an iu-rating of 700, your Powered can dish out 7,000.  The numbers aren’t all the same, but you get the point.  No matter how much stronger you get, the Powered will always grow with you.  Now, this may sound exciting, but if you’re foolish enough to give these giant energy-eaters a mind of their own, you’re digging your own grave.

    As if it weren’t painfully obvious, the Powered soon rebelled and started hunting superheroes to use as fuel.  This wasn’t necessarily dangerous to the victims’ health.  They were just trapped inside, piloting against their will.  I mean, they could starve to death, so there’s that danger.  What made it worse is that the Powered succeeded in forming an alliance with several Ultimen people groups, sparking what some have called the Artificial War.  However, now things have taken another crazy turn as the alliance has been broken, leaving three opposing sides.  You have the Ultimen, the Powered and everyone else.  So, we just keep it simple and call it the Ultimen-Powered War.”

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