“Okay, so now that you have an idea of the power I had before becoming an Infinite, I’ll tell you the story you all came here to see.  There was me, my brother Shef and our two friends.  Leopard, as we called him, was a mix of XL’s version of Lyrene and Siderian, and Leara was from our version of the Ancyro, but she had three eyes.”

    “Gasp!” Kammy is appalled.  “She had a third eye?!  She was enlightened?!  Isn’t that—”

    “No, Kammy,” says Duplica, “she wasn’t enlightened.  She wasn’t some representation of a biblical violation.  She literally just had an extra eye.  There’s nothing special to this except a disadvantage wearing sunglasses, dear.”

    Leila does the facepalm and laughs at the two talking, but she regains her composure and continues the story.  “We weren’t Ultimen, just regular people from the various races of the XL storyboard.  And yes, I said races.  There’s only one race of human, but since the System has alien people groups, I’m using the term just for clarification.  At least I’m not being evolutionist and saying I’m of the Probabilian species.  Anyway, my brother, two friends and I did have a good group of Ultimen friends, and for that matter, we had too many to bother naming right now.  We’d all come up with various competitions and training regiments to keep in shape, in case the Earth needed us.  Little did we know how badly that need would soon be.  You see, way back to….”

    It’s a bit late in the trip, but Leila asks if the kids know the dates for everything, to which the group discussion reveals it has yet to be fully expounded upon.  So…

The year AD 2000 equivalent- Y. 6000

Key faces Grille- Y. 7000

Grave Debate- Y. 8200

Happy War- Y. 8238

Lyger Chronicles- Y. 9000-circa 9035

The Four Corners Era- Y. 9130-9175

Angels- 9500-9999

Axer and Roxy- Y. 10900

Rings- Y. 10950

You are here- Y. 11000

    She feels bad for criticizing so much, so she is careful to raise her hand, but Kam does have another question.  “The era of angels ended in Y. 9999.  We met someone from fifty years earlier claiming to be the Last Angel.  Is this because she time traveled and the title is a technicality, or is there another reason?”

    Tapping her head, Leila says, “Alice Baylor was eighteen, so add that to your fifty years, dear.”

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