“Guys,” says Cat as she introduces everyone, “this is Jason Blue and Georgia Millas, named after our famous queen of old.”  She names off all the students and staff and turns things over to the young guests.

    “Well,” says Jason, “I could start with how Benjamin Franklin founded an underground department to research his theory of an unknown lunar energy superior to electricity.  He foresaw the success of electrical power, but he wanted to make sure the United States had a secret advantage over everyone else.  It wasn’t until after World War II, however, that the existence of this lunar power, tiny triad rings of energy, was confirmed, and in 1958, the United States Secret Science Guild was finally able to make use of the very thing they had been founded for almost two hundred years earlier.  Even now, that was thousands of years ago, and we’ve come a very long way.  Well, I say this, but in truth, the technology that we ‘Ringers’ use is still very limited.  If the Ultimen were to revolt, I don’t think our department would be of much help.”

    Georgia confirms this.  “This energy is so useless, honestly, but scientists can be stubborn sometimes.  We stick with it because it is still a loyal service to our country.  Typically, the most we can do is use our flashlights to blast enemies with laser attacks.  It’s a pitiful show, really.  However, there have been some exciting exceptions.”

    “Yeah?” Kammy asks while eyeing the two for any signs of a flashlight.

    “Here,” Jason throws her the item she’s hunting but warns her to not activate it.  “Point it to the sky.  Yes, exactly.  Now, turn on the flashlight.  If you let go of the switch, it’ll turn itself off.  Wow!  Good job!”  Jason gladly takes his weapon back.  “So, my girlfriend and I came into the picture thanks to our friend Eddie.”

    At the mention of these two teenagers dating, Faye looks at them like they just stole her lunch.  “This is going to be a long lesson.”  Sorry, Faye, but not every set of parents gets the whole “You’re can’t marry now, so why bother?” concept.

    Completely unaware of Faye’s dilemma, Jason continues, “Someone stole his wallet while he was walking, so Eddie chased him down and ended up in a secret warehouse.  Next thing I know, Miss Bailey Springs is sent from the government, or at least the local law enforcement, asking about me buying sensitive military equipment.  Someone was using my bank account, and I had a feeling I knew who it was.  Eddie is a straight and narrow guy, but he had been snooping around my room a few days before Miss Springs came over, so I had to ask him.  This resulted in a chase that led back to that same warehouse.”

    Georgia finally speaks.  “Eddie was scared and trying to protect both himself AND Jason.  He was trapped and didn’t know what to do.  We couldn’t be mad at him.”

    “Well,” clarifies Jason, “I could’ve gone without the fight we got into, but he finally explained what happened.  When he came to the warehouse last time, three thugs with guns tried to get his bank info.  However, he doesn’t have a bank account, so they threatened to kill his family if he didn’t get his dad’s account information.  Instead, he chose my account since he knows I’m pitifully broke, and I’m only sixteen, so my purchases would simply make the police go after the thugs for scamming me as opposed to sending his dad to prison, leaving his mom with no way of supporting the family.”

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