Grace hugs Faye as tightly as possible and responds with her own confession.  “Faye, the reason we argue is because I’m a jerk.  Everyone’s always complaining about my attitude, but I tell myself I’m just like Amy Scott or Keb.  They can be feisty, but they know when it’s appropriate and they know when to stop.  I’m just rude and tactless.  I’m as helpless as you are.  BUT this is the real Gigi talking back to you.  Let’s both stop trying to ‘improve ourselves’ and making the others think better of us.  The only thing we can do is seek to please God.  Jesus Christ is the only thing that matters.  I mean, I think it’s time you have a better sister than you had to endure last week.  Do you happen to be hiring for the job?”

    Faye realizes what Gigi is asking her, and as the reality of Grace Grace Rug actually wanting to be best friends with her sinks in, she squeezes the life out of her pal and eagerly says, “Yes, yes, you can be my sister.  Thank you, Gracie.”  Much to Gi’s relief, Faye’s grip loosens as she’s stuck in the details.  “So, which one of us is the big sister?”

    Ignoring the obvious height difference, Grace lovingly states, “Who knows?”  After a moment of girly hugging, Gigi gets an idea and drags Faye over to where Gracie’s bookbag sits.  “I know the perfect way to start our journey off right.  Lightspeed Lab!”

    “The Bible lessons,” Faye ponders this novel thought, “it’s so simple and yet so obvious.”  The rest of the time is then spent searching God’s Word and occasionally quizzing with Gigi to make sure they’re not getting rusty.  With the friendship no longer clouded by selfishness and pride, the two sisters can finally enjoy each other’s presence.  Faye will even give a proper apology to Elfie for how she has been acting, but she’s going to go about this in such a patient manner that I might forget to tell you by then.  Just know, as some point later in the trip, Faye will sincerely make amends with everyone.

    And just like that, we’re back on the field, about to meet the next team.  This pair, however, are definitely not married, nor are they from the Drawing Board yet.  With all the dead people and mature lessons being thrown at her students, Duplica decided to lighten the tone by letting her teens meet this duo right after they’ve just saved the day.  Elfie and the gang get to meet teenagers just like them who have just kept the world from danger.

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