“Oh, yeah,” agrees Axer, “we would’ve been dead AND in the wrong era.”

    Roxy’s speech carries on.  “So, we are informed by our now older friends that one final experiment of the aliens we defeated had just recently emerged and was spreading across the countryside.  I remember learning in history class of a couple times when a large group of superhuman people were made.  Well, this was shot number three.  The only weird part was, because of how they were made, a lot of these humanoids were still in development, so it was like the world was weeks away from being overrun by superpowered creatures one step short of being reasoned with, depending on how quickly they developed.  At least, that’s how our friends Marly and Darly saw it.  At any rate, with Destiny and Raven busy in space, Axer and I set out to investigate this, taking with us a new team.”

    Smiling big as he thinks about the new group, Ax names them all.  “It was me, Roxy, Marly’s daughter Marna, some rich kid we’d recently met named Cyrax Levi and Nala’s younger sister Kendrix.  Someone found a way to duplicate the Justice powers, and Kendrix was the first test subject, which is how she got the nickname JK.  And if you think that is cool, you’ll love this.  It wasn’t long until we got in contact with Destiny and informed her of our plan.  That’s how we met True Blue Justice.  Since Kendrix’s powers were a success, Destiny and Raven made a mashup of their respective powers to create what was given to old True Blue.  His might made things TONS easier.  The last two additions to our squad were the twins Jo and Jen, along with our time-traveling buddy Lucy again.  Would you believe she hadn’t aged much more than we had?  I mean, she is a time-traveler.  And so, our investigation began!”

    Axer laughs and says, “I remember all the places we looked, with no luck.  Some older man told us of something hiding in his barn, but we found nothing.  We went to a nearby city that reported a creature hovering around the lighthouse, but we still had no luck.  However, we finally encountered one of the experiments, and to our amazement, even though he couldn’t communicate, he was at least developed enough to be reasoned with.”

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