“Son, your niece simply visits.  I’m the one you have to worry about, hon,” Jo giddily chimes.

    “Yeah, Mom,” he replies, “but you won’t cause physical harm if I give a wrong answer.”  His response causes Kammy to smile innocently, earning her a few welcomed laughs.

    Eight minutes later, the air is split apart and a familiar sight expands right before the kids’ eyes.  It’s a time portal, much like what they use.  Out from it emerge a young man and a young woman, and as you’ve guessed, these are the hosts for this era.  The male is Axer, named after Ace whom we visited earlier, and the female is Roxy, named thus because it sounds cool.  They are from the Drawing Board but decided to use a time portal to hearken back to how their adventure started.

     “Boy, does that bring back awkward memories!” exclaims Axer.

    “Let me introduce us, since he’s not gonna’.”  Rox gives the names and clarifies his statement.

    “When we were fifteen, Axer and I helped save the world from evil aliens that were heavy into hybrid experiments, eventually creating an army of perfect cyborgs, or so they claimed.  Our mentor Destiny and our friends’ mom Raven led the fight as far as all the superheroes went, what with Miss Raven being the next in the Justice line and all.  Meanwhile, Raven’s kids Darly and Eli went with me, Axer and a few other friends to do our part in the whole shebang.  We also had the help of time-traveler Lucy Onris.  It was hard, but we managed to destroy the aliens and the cyborgs.  This, however, came at a cost.”

    “We died and have been in the Drawing Board ever since,” interrupts Ax.

    Slapping him and giving a sarcastic, “Totally,” Roxy goes on with what she was going to say.  “We ended up getting sent forward in time, Ax and I, but everyone else thought we were dead.  Thus, out of nowhere, we showed up twenty years later, not having aged a day.  I don’t know what happened, but I’m so glad it didn’t happen again.”

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