Duplica takes control of the story from here.  “So, Alice and Goloc had a child that was genetically ideal to set the stage for a new group of heroes, Hannah Baylor.  Avia’s hubby didn’t have a last name.  The SD pulled long-way-off descendant of Xames Scott, Porter, from Storyboard X and had him marry Hannah.  This lovely couple then had—”

    Of anything that could be said, Keb cannot contain herself at the mention of her very best friend, “They had Justine!!  The wonderful Clara Scott, who took the role of being the next Justice superhero.”  Having said this, Keb hears a loud crack of thunder, and thus, mockingly retorts in a loud voice towards the sky, “Yeah, well, they’ll end up knowing your real name soon enough, Justine, so get over your Drawing Board self!”  Looking at the class, Keb sets the record straight with a snooty stance, “That’s the only reason she cracked the thunder.  I wouldn’t let her teleport over and keep me from blabbing her name.  It’s not like she’s going to get her own story on the website anytime soon, so there’s no reason in keeping the suspense.”  Crossing her arms, Keb confesses in a quieter voice, “I also didn’t let her teleport over because we already have a lot of random cameos with Vahnna and Mom.  I’m not sure the real-worlders can handle our level of intense randomness.”

    While this buffoonery persists, Faye tenderly grabs Elfie’s hand and lovingly whispers, “It needs to be asked.  Shall you do it, or shall I?”  Entoni thinks he knows what she’s talking about and feels that he should do it so that Faye doesn’t have to talk about it, but he’s too distracted by the warmth of her hand to answer as quickly as he’d like.  She becomes visibly aware of her effect and quickly lets go.  “Sorry.  I’ll just ask.  Guess that wasn’t a buddy thing to do.”  The girl does technically raise her hand, but she boldly belts out her question while her arm goes up, defeating the purpose of this courteous action.  “Alice, my sister died preventing us from coming to this era.  What can you tell us about the angels that is so important that my own best friend would turn on me like she did?”  Everyone is touched by Faye’s kind wording of a monster that was clearly no friend or relative from the moment she entered the school.

    Alice thinks hard for several minutes, but finally suggests, “I hate to sound dramatic, but the only other case of an angel happened after the focus shifted from XL to XI and New Ruyngard.  That’s what we were going to say before Keb cut us off.  Justine came to XI and became best friends with Keb.  She was then selected for a space colony mission where she gradually became the common ancestor for all the inhabitants of the planet New Ruyngard.  While I’m sure you’ll learn about that later, I’ve been told this is the DNA-blending model that inspired how your storyboard was started.  Not only did Justine’s DNA slowly get mingled with everyone on the planet, but the atmosphere is specially made so that new immigrants become slowly ingrained with the DNA so that their kids are basically full-blooded Ruyngardians.  What the Baylors did for us angels, we did for the Ruyngardians.  They are all normal humans that can display superpowers at any given time.  Also, the reinforced DNA setting results in a limited variety of facial features.  That seems to be the same with your society.”

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