Alice proceeds, “We were swarmed, William was thrown into their vehicle so hard that his already fractured arm broke, he he, and we girls were taken to the hospital.  Whatever was going on with me stopped when we got distracted with the officers.  My moment of superpowers came and went before I had a chance to take my vengeance.  That is a regret I am so glad I do not have to endure.  I did so many disgusting…terrible…dirty, filthy things in the course of one year.  I don’t know what I would’ve done if hate and murder were added to the list.  I’d have been no different from William.  No matter how much you hurt, never give in to hate.  Well, we were finally rescued.  It was slow, and never really the same, but life resumed something like normal, except now I had three new friends, a stronger resolve for dealing with peer pressure and a healthier defense against my own blockheaded arrogance, he he.”

    Everyone is tearful, even Alice despite this all happening centuries ago from her perspective.  She’s always tried to think of the present joys and not dwell on the past, but hundreds of years later, this brave soldier is still learning.  She continues, admitting how encouraging the class is with their attentive, caring eyes that say how much they care and want to learn.

    “Would it have been better for me to just be myself at the beginning of the story and not let my pride put me in a place where I was too careless?  I don’t mean every captured girl is careless.  I just know my particular case was from pride.  Before I was taken, I literally wanted to date myself.  I was that consumed with my ‘hot looks.’  When I was brought low, I let it become cruel apathy for the well-being of others, and murderous vengeance when I got my chance.  The lesson I needed to learn through it all was that we shouldn’t value ourselves in our beauty or our actions.  Whether my opinion of myself was too high at times or too low, both were me looking at, well, at me.  God loves us all, no matter how we look, and no matter what we do.  After I came back to society, I got to see that there were people who loved me, even after they learned what I had been spending my year doing.  Yes, I was forced to do it, but your captors brainwash the notion into you that it’s your fault.

    “In the end, whether I point to God or to myself is what matters.  Whether you are clean or dirty, if you point to yourself, there is no value.  On the other hand, even if you are dirty, whether because of being forced like I was or of your own choosing, but you give it to God and point others to Him, then you have value, even with a past like mine.  So, instead of running from it like I still do, even now, I guess I should embrace the lessons I gained from it.  The dark sides of me are just as much a part of the ‘all things work together for good’ as the light sides are.  Don’t go abusing God’s mercy and grace though, ha ha!”

    Everyone claps, thinking that the lesson is done.  Alice proves them wrong.  Pointing to her husband, she asks, “Did you forget I’m married to a green man.  Did none of you find that weird?”  Some of them nervously nod, but many of them figured that between XL’s variety of lifeforms and Alice’s experience, it wouldn’t be that odd for her at this point.  “Nelly was the one who told me about my power and about the legend of angels, but it was another woman who decided to tell me even more.  I think you know the woman.  It’s my ancestor Julia Baylor.  She tracked me down, having heard about my adventure, and interviewed me.  Soon after, she returned and told me she had the real perfect guy for me that wouldn’t be like my first boyfriend.  Let me tell you about what happened after.

    “Since I was the Last Angel and the latest in the Baylor line, though definitely not the only one alive in my day, I had the blood of all Four Corners.  The husband the System Director had picked for me was a special being, having all the DNA of various characters and heroes of old, from Storyboards X, XI, XII and others.  The Director then infused me with whatever DNA my future husband didn’t have, he he.  The two of us were married and simply sent back to my hometown to live a normal, happy life.  There was one tiny drawback, however.  I was now an Infinite Warrior.  It was a compensation for all the heartache I had experienced, as if my wonderful Goloctorel wasn’t already enough.  The rest of our days were so happy, and now I get to enjoy moments like this when I’m not flying around the Drawing Board with my best friend, Goloc.  Eh, Nellie is a best friend, too, I guess.  Don’t tell her I said that, Baby, he he.”

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