Faye voices the frustration when she huffs, “Well, that was anti-climactic.  What was the point of all the build-up?”

    Alice laughs with her fist covering her mouth and responds, “I’m sorry, baby.  I just wanted to see if you were all still awake.  Please forgive me.”

    Putting her arm around Elfie, Faye confesses, “I was kinda’ getting into the whole friend thing of the story.  I guess I should focus more on being your friend now instead of rushing into being your girl, right pal?”

    “I’m glad you understand a little better, Faye.”  Ent smiles and tactfully ends the physical contact moment, though he can’t deny, inwardly, that he really enjoyed being able to share a buddy hug with Faye for the one instant she wasn’t harassing him about romance.  And speaking of romance, Alice sees this as a great opportunity to transition into her final story.

    With a big sigh, she announces, “This is my last lesson about the angels.  Listen carefully, because I do not want to repeat this story.”

    “I am from the European country called Belarus, around Y. 9950, and I am the Last Angel.  I have to tell you that my story is much more mature than what the System Director usually writes about.  My tale was done in an effort to raise awareness about a very tragic crime that regularly takes place in the real world.  Even so, I shall try to keep things presentable to your innocent eyes and ears.  Everything started to decline for me when I began listening to peer pressure concerning my appearance.  I dyed my hair, went to great lengths to improve my figure and started going by my middle name, Avia.  There is nothing wrong with tending to one’s appearance, but I had let the opinions of others dictate my desires.  And it was this fault of mine that resulted in my first boyfriend.  This supposed friend kidnapped me and dropped me into the cesspool of a whole new world.  I was enslaved in a practice that is too disgusting to even name.  It was during this captivity that I met fellow victims Rachal and Tamara, along with a few others that came and went.  I had been deemed Sugar, Rachal was Flower and Tamara was Rose.  I hate even thinking about it.

    “The night of my capture, Tamara and Rachal tried to console me, Tamara trying to warn me of what to expect.  I was to be branded with a tattoo and put to ‘work’ the next day.  Hearing this, I refused to be subjected to that wretchedness and jumped out the window, determined to die free and clean.  However, I survived and had the better option of running away.  I ran and ran, as fast as I could, until I came to a train.  I was too afraid to try jumping onto it, so I went into a nearby tunnel and spent several hours walking in the sewer.  Oh, the smell!  As I made it to the other side, I debated whether I should risk being caught by my assailants or wait until morning to throw them off, just in case.  I decided to sleep in the filth.  So much for free and clean.”

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