Thinking about this, he states his reason.  “I like balance, I suppose.  Tell a guy’s story, let a lady shine, tell another dude’s story and then let another girl take the spotlight.  I feel like there might have been another reason; variety, I guess.  I mean, I intentionally planned on telling the entirety of XL’s history out of order to let the theorists piece the chronology together, but that wasn’t a thing.  Okay, tell the story.”

    Thus, Alice does.  “Well then, let us journey into the jungles of India as we find ourselves in the year Y. 9700.  Professor Paul Timbers has just narrowly escaped having his head chopped off by a sword-wielding wild girl named Lindsey.  Despite their heated introduction, the two soon gladly agree to walk together as Paul is searching for a plane that was said to have crashed somewhere in the area.  As they search, the professor explains his purpose while Lindsey tries to figure out the device he let her look at.  She’s cultured enough to know what a plane is, but the handheld metal detector is extremely sci-fi to her.  Paul takes it back before she breaks it.  Timbers is looking for the lost plane the Logoya that crashed a century before.  While his companion sarcastically accuses him of being a treasure hunter, he insists the mystery is all the treasure he needs.

    “Suddenly, the two are attacked by a giant snake, but Lindsey easily deals with this, almost bored.  After the threat is gone, the companions continue to stroll and talk, quickly gaining more interest in each other by the moment.  Paul learns of the girl’s ancient linkage to ancestors further west, making him ramble on in his native Mandarin tongue about the grandeur of Raz, and what it must have been like to be in the presence of Queen Georgia and ‘the Quartet.’  Lindsey is fascinated with everything Paul has to say, but is more captivated by his unusual language, eagerly getting in his comfort zone and begging him to teach her how to speak like him.

    “Lindsey begins to receive her first lesson in ‘Mandolin’ when a human-sized insect attacks, interrupting the tutoring session.  After the Goliath is taken care of, Paul’s horrified daydreaming has him convinced he hit the thing several times, but in reality, he froze like a statue during the fight to the point Lindsey actually thought he died standing up.  Ashamed of his fear, Timbers is comforted by the other traveler who confesses her fear of lightning.  ‘If we get caught in a storm, you can protect me then.’

    “Paul and Lindsey continue walking and talking when they finally reach the Logoya.  It is here that Paul gets his chance to repay Lindsey’s heroic kindness as some debris of the plane falls on the girl, with the heroic young man seemingly sacrificing himself as he pushes her out of harm’s way.  Fortunately, the debris lands against the side of the plane, thus only appearing to crush Paul when he is, in fact, fine.  Lindsey smiles once she realizes what just happened and gladly helps him up.

    “As the two stand, looking at the plane, Paul goes back to a topic Lindsey had brought up along the way, her desire for education.  ‘With a find like this, the reward would be more than enough to help you get into a local college.’  Lindsey doesn’t enjoy the idea of being surrounded by snobs, but she does want to better herself.

    “Well, guess what.  Another interruption occurs, and this time, it is wolves.  Lindsey slowly guides Paul into the plane and begins putting her sword to use.  However, her battle is cut short with a few gunshots.  Two of the canines fall while the rest run away, and Lindsey turns to see Paul holding a rifle he’d found on the plane.  Now, he could help like he wanted earlier.  And that’s that.  The plane is found, the friends head back to town where Paul contacts the appropriate people.  Over the next week and a half, a romance begins to blossom, and the next time we see the new couple, they are taking a hike in search of another mystery Lindsey learned about from her grandmother when she was a child.  This is where she enters angel history.  While spelunking, the cave collapses around them, sending them plummeting to their doom, but out of love and desperation, Lindsey is able to teleport herself and her new beloved away to safety.  The end.”

    The wide-eyed class blinks in disappointment.

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