As she is jabbering away, Cat doesn’t even hear Kat Ellie, and thus is completely taken off guard when the latter’s mother and teacher Fiona shows up to see her preferred teaching stance is still in style.

    “Oh, hey, Lady Fiona!  How are you?!”  Duplica finally noticed the person who popped up beside her.  This profound, though late, exchange between the original SG teacher and the newest model is going to have to be on the downlow since we are in class and all.  Can’t be taking away from Alice, now can we?  So, Fiona will just hang out until this particular session is over.

    With the two together, Cici can’t help but have a warm smile on her face as she ponders aloud, “Now, there’s a sight I could look at all day.  I bet Fiona is so proud.  You go, Fiona.”

    Now that Keb has succeeded in giving everyone their daily recommended dosage of randomness, we can let Alice take back the reigns.

    “I suppose it is fitting as the next angel in our list is almost as sporadic as you, Keb.  Now, remember that I said this next story takes place—” checking her dates before finishing her statement, Alice realizes there’s been a blunder.  “AB, sir, this next story happened a century after Hogan’s.  Why do you always tell them in the wrong order?”

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