Alice goes on.  “As Hogan is escorted to the door, Alberto treats himself to a little monologue, eulogizing the fallen.  What a sad way for his friend to go.  He will be missed.  However, this is interrupted as the driver sees they are going to pass a cliff.  If it’s going to be a party, it’s going to be a bang.  What better way to drop off a package?

    “As the people are lined up in front of the cliff, the boss yanks off Hogan’s sunglasses and says, ‘Pick a number, amigo,’ to which the captive responds, ‘Let me go and I’ll pick your number!’  Loving the challenge, the request is granted and Hogan takes the fight to the whole gang.  In a matter of seconds, after initially getting his tail handed to him, the hero gathers an unearthly strength and launches every single gang member into the horizon…except the boss.  By this time, the miraculous might has waned, and before he can see there’s one more to fight, Hogan is ambushed.  Hogan Carlos Fox is thrown off the cliff to his demise.

    “With this deed done, the evil thug prepares to tend to the other passengers, but is mortally surprised as Alberto is able to sneak up on the guy and swiftly avenge his fallen friend.  And just like that, Hogan died saving the day while his old friend was able to finish the job in his honor.  As the years go by, Alberto has befriended the woman and her son from that bus ride, having become Uncle Alberto.  This is his new family now, with a token of their friendship being the notebooks the woman gives him to help him pursue his artistic passion.  Every year, the three return to that cliff to honor Hogan Fox, and every year, Alberto’s art collection grows, his favorite thing to draw being angels.”

    “That is sad,” laments Kammy.  She glances over to see how Faye is doing, just in case.  She seems unbothered by this tragic ending, so Crystal’s concern wanes.

    Gigi throws her hand up and shakes it like she’s in an earthquake.  “I have a question!”  As she is acknowledged she motions her hand to Alice and asks, “Lady Alice, did you know any of these people?”

    “Yes and no,” Alice says, tilting her head back and forth with her two answers, “we didn’t live in the same time periods, but after my story, I was allowed the opportunity to travel around.  You will just have to wait until I’m done before I say anything about that.  Your question was very good, young lady.”

    “Well, thank you!”  Gracie Grace lights up at being called a young lady.  It makes her feel ten years older.

    Suddenly, the session is interrupted by a familiar blue and white vendor walking around, passing out bags of chips.  Keb got hungry and decided to give the group a quick snack to lighten the mood.  “Bonehead, barbecue or cheese?”

    “Throw me a barbecue,” says her green-clad brother, holding out his hand.  “Oh, I should point out that Missy is still going to make a second wave of Missy Mac since last time’s meal wasn’t exactly under the best circumstances.  I thought you guys would appreciate more of her cooking anyway.”

    Sensing the hint of a possible challenge, Kebber quickly drops a second bag of chips in each person’s hand and clarifies she personally made those chips herself, not letting Missy being the kitchen master here.  “Just because marriage has given you a culinary bias doesn’t mean I’ll just give up my crown as greatest chef of the System, sir.”

    “Yeah, well, as you all know I’m no cook, that’s a conversation you’ll have to have with Missy in front of a stove.”  AB heats things up further by also pointing out, “And then there’s still your mom.  Fiona hasn’t exactly lost her touch over the years.”

    Hearing this, Keb realizes that she was lied to.  “Hey!  Mom said she’d visit the group to cheer on Duplica as being the tour guide and teacher.  That goober forgot.”  Katie Elisabeth seeks to fix this.

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