“Adam soon outruns the van, and climbs up the nearest building by using the fire escape…as well as just the wall.  As he reaches the top of the structure, he checks Lydia and sees she is fine.  However, the trouble is not over as the two are soon surrounded by military police, with no way of escape.  The weapons are aimed, the command is given and the two friends close their eyes, hugging.  The next thing Adam hears is the voices of a couple arguing in another room?  Our hero quickly opens his eyes, and before he can gather the information into his visual understanding, Lydia is running around screaming, ‘Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!’

    “Somehow, someway, Adam is in Lydia’s bedroom.  The girl is convinced they are in heaven, but Adam points out her arguing parents as proof of otherwise, so since the two are indeed in Lydia’s room, she starts showing off her things, including her Four Corners dolls.  ‘My favorite Baylor is now Adam, because of you.’

    “The new voices added to the house draws the attention of quarreling parents.  As the door flies open, the adults rush to their daughter, amazed to see her in the house.  As there is a touching moment of repentance and forgiveness between the child and the parents who failed her, the mother calls out to the friend that rescued their daughter, thinking he is hiding behind the door.  In fact, he’s been standing in front of them this whole time, and at the word of the mother’s warm welcome, almost as if by instinct, Adam becomes visible once again.  With three sets of eyes staring at him, he reaches for the bed and carefully sits down, trying not to fall as he processes the last few, unbelievable minutes.  And that is the first angel story we have for you today.  Do you have any questions?”

    Alice smiles as she sees the hands shoot up.

    “Did Adam save the city from the bad guys?” asks Elfie.

    “What happened to Lydia and her family?” asks Gigi.

    Winking, Alice states, “I guess you will have to research that for yourself.”

    “Aww!” is the class response.

    Owan elbows his niece and asks her, “So, what do you think so far?”

    Kammy responds thoughtfully, “So, he was able to keep himself and Lydia from getting shot, refill his ammo, climb up the wall, teleport and turn invisible.  Makes me wonder if he also protected Lydia from being shot when she was being carried by the kidnapper.  Owan, if I were being carried away by a kidnapper and you had a gun, would you try to take him out or find another way that didn’t risk hitting me?  For that matter, even though we System Guards are soldiers, there sure was an overload of gun references in that story.”

    “Oh no,” insists Owan, “the better question is whether or not you would start swinging a random bottle if you saw me get into a fight.”

    Hearing this, Faye adds, “And if you hit Owan, would it be intentional or accidental?”

    Smirking at her uncle, Kammy says, “It depends on who he is fighting and how I feel at the time.”

    “Yep,” concludes Owan, “I’m dead.”

    “You’re dead?” probes Kammy, “What about me, the one being kidnapped while you never decided how to rescue me?”

    Owan’s got this down.  “I’d just start yelling algebra questions at you.  In a matter of seconds, you’d bore your kidnapper into submission.”

    Uncle Owan gets punched.

    Stretching his arm to get the feeling back in his shoulder, Owan asks what the next story is about.  Goloc looks at his wife and nods.  AB knows the four stories that are to be told, and has thus warned Alice and her husband about the kid’s recent trauma.  Therefore, our host must be careful that she delivers some of the more delicate information with care so as to bring up as few unpleasant memories and feelings as possible.  Nonetheless, this is the history to be told.

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