Chapter 6  Angels

    We’re here.  The first thing you may notice is that Cici decided to show her support of the healing teens by putting on her old clunker.  “Sorry my armor isn’t as up-to-date as y’all’s, but I don’t mind at all showing some classic style.”  The armor isn’t that bad.  Whoever designed the belts for that model made them a bit high, which makes you wonder how the System girls even moved comfortably in these things before someone was brave enough to say, “Can someone tailor this, please?  Seriously, guys!”

    “Mom,” Gigi asks, “can I have the cool, classic armor like Aunt Cici has?”

    “Aunt?!” Ci is ecstatic.  “Even though you’re my descendant, too, Gigi, you get extra points for being more tactful about it than your mom.”

    “Well, totally, Aunt Cici!  You’re my favorite anyway.”  Turning to the other sister and winking in jest, tricky Gi says, “You’re always Grandma Keb to me, he he.”

    Catching on, Kebbers puts her hands on her hips and questions this designation.  “Grandma Keb, huh?  So how many bowls of ice cream will it take to get a promotion from that title?”

    Latching onto her ancestor, Grace smiles and gives her price.  “Just a good hug should be enough.”

    While Keb gladly complies, AB voices his humorous disapproval.  “You girls should be ashamed of yourselves, making poor Gracie call you her aunts.  I guess you don’t appreciate her and Elf like I do.”

    Keb returns the disapproving look and puts him in his place.  “You may enjoy being called Gramps, but having my descendants refer to me as their granny while they call my brother their grandpa is very awkward.  I don’t care how far down the family tree their culture is, ha ha.”

    “Mm-mm-mm!” Cici’s the backup singer today, “You tell ‘em, girl.”

    “You heard them, Cat,” AB drags her into the line of fire with him, “they think your culture is awkward.  I’m sorry you had to hear that firsthand.”

    “It’s okay, Gramps,” Cat scratches her cheek calmly as she deduces, “it’s probably because they’re not as old as you to understand these elderly things.”

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