“Fair,” says the scolded one.  “This is Adam’s wife Jamie.  That’s Julia’s husband Eric.  That’s Natalie’s husband Chris.  You already figured out I ended up marrying Elina.  I should also mention that while we helped someone else establish a kingdom, these kids were already part of a royal family.  I married a real princess, ha ha!”

    Everyone is now exchanging witty banter and vocal surprise as it is a rare site to actually see the Four Corners’ spouses.  And what about the girl in the white t-shirt?

    Adam gladly introduces her.  “If you’ve read The Heated Room, you will remember Queen Quint.  That’s her name, not her title.  Well, even though she did actually die in a similar event, we were able to borrow her from the Drawing Board to let you see she’s all fine and dandy now.”

    “Hi!” says the deader.

    “Wait,” Kammy is hesitant about this, “I recognize you.  You’re the girl from All Cheerful & Rosie.  Adam, why is she here?”

    “Ugh, calm down, niece.”  Owan is the one to get the facts straight for once.  “The bad girl is from Storyboard VII.  This is XL.  Hello?  And it’s hilarious that the Baylors married folks from LX.”

    “Yup!” Julia proclaims.  “We married, had kids and grandkids, and went on to help folks around the world.  However, we saw many problems with our heritage, so we made a few important decisions.  First, we made doubles of ourselves to live with our kids and such that died just like everyone else.  Second, we edited our DNA so that as our descendants were born, they’d have less and less of our kind of power.  This was the best way to prevent an unstoppable monster from being born.  I mean, I’m going to clarify that we’re not immortal.  We can die, but our healing skill is so advanced that it’s not going to happen anytime soon, unless the System Director just wants to be mean to me for saying that.  Anyway, we set it up so that our distant descendants would have a wildcard gene that would go off at a needed time.  So, you meet a perfectly normal individual, then a horror happens.  That individual becomes a superhero and saves you, but loses the power and you both spend the rest of your lives wondering what happened as you praise God for the miracle.  It’s funny, because our descendants, when they do that, are referred to as angels.  They’re not, but I think the title is cute.”

    Tiffany raises her hand.  “Am I an angel, Julia?”

    Shocked by this, Julie smiles and says, “I don’t know.  We’ll have to wait and see what you’re made of.”

    And with this, the story of the Baylors has ended.  The crew continues talking about less academic subjects before gradually transitioning into the goodbyes.  The Baylors and their spouses will escort Quint back to the Drawing Board and then head back to HQ.  The kids will go angel-hunting in multiple, key eras to see just what Julia Baylor is talking about.  So then, you will have to see for yourself when we arrive.

    “Lady Duplica,” Tiffany tugs on her teacher’s arm and sheepishly asks, “can I speak with you before we go?  Please!”

    Faye T. sees the two step aside and ponders aloud what could be bothering her new “Big Sister.”

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