“So,” says Natalie with a smirk, “we spent the rest of our time doing our own film production, which included live time travel interviews with System renditions of the Bible folk, re-enactments of our own side adventures, as well as original productions with the help of some of our old Raz friends.  You should totally check out our work on innermantheatre.com”

    “And that’s where we met these lunatics!” Michael points to a group of other special guests that were a surprise up until now.  “The four on the left are another sibling group that were the one team of rivals we’ve still yet to get rid of.  They are the Scotts of Storyboard LX.  That’s Jamie Scott, Eric Scott, Chris Scott and a pretty little Scott named Elina.  She’s the one who sent our power bill through the roof in one of my adventures.”

    “If you’re done talking about getting rid of me and blaming me for everything, maybe you could explain a little more of who we are, punk?” replies Michael’s spunky little wife.

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