Julia speaks again.  “The general that was in charge at the time thought we were too unruly.  I’ve no idea why, considering the ones in charge of us always praised us for our actions, but whatever.  This guy pumped himself full of super-stuff and came to attack us.  Oh, and to insult us further, he created four Raptor rivals meant to replace us.  So, there was the general, the four replacements and a fifth ‘System Guardian’ that was supposedly the ultimate fighter, yah?  He was the first to go.  Pff!  General met his end as well.  The rivals, however, lived up to the title and got away, ready to harass us at a later date.

    From that point, Raz was super peaceful, even if we did have one last bout with our rivals which finally ended with their ultimate defeat.  And that is the end of all that.”

    Michael points into the air.  “But let us not forget ‘The Queen’s Game!’  Queen Georgia’s daughter Princess Selena was more interested in fame and fortune than the responsibilities of being a monarch.  Sure, Georgia had this as well, but Selena was too focused on games to rule a nation.  Thus, she created her own table sport that became a worldwide sensation.  However, after a few years of this, Selena finally got her head on straight and accepted her responsibility.  Now, that is the end of Georgia’s little story.”

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