Adam winces at the mention of these two.  “Star was a gorgeous girl who tried to use her charm to lead some of our guys astray, but she was found out and dealt with.  However, the one to end her was her tyrannical brother Darkster.  He despised her scandalous ways and vaporized her before using his immense power to send our world into war.”

    Julia sighs.  “Many, many people died in that massive war.”

    “Keb,” Faye interrupts Jule, “Is this a bad time to point out what I meant?  Seems you and AB aren’t the only famous siblings echoed in other storyboards.  An alluring evil sister and a genocidal brother?  You know who I’m thinking of.”

    Tiffany coldly agrees, “Seems the System has time to remember the power of friendship, as well as the power of scars.”

    The silence in the room is very intense.

    Finally, Adam resumes the lesson.  “Indeed.  Well, we beat him.  Raz lived on.  The only other threat after this involved the ones who created us.”

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