Do you remember learning about a villainous computer foe named the Leader?  Well, back when he was still a human, the ones that defeated him established the Kingdom of Raz.  However, this soon crumbled.  Sad, really.  So, we set out to find the latest in the line of potential Razian rulers and came across an eleven-year-old girl named Georgia.  This was the one who was next in line for a dynasty she didn’t even know existed.  We took this kid under our wings and helped her reestablish a throne that had been dead for so long!”

    Julia caresses her hair as she thinks back to those days.  “Such a quiet thing, she was a joy to watch grow up beside us.  Adam was twenty, I was eighteen and the twins sixteen.  Here were a bunch of kids raising this other kid, molding her into a good, responsible young queen of a revived nation.  That girl was a sharp fighter, too.  I was highly surprised when Buddy Roberts managed to win her heart.”

    “And just when things seemed peaceful enough, skirmishes started breaking out from the several new superhuman nations that had arisen as a result of previous generations creating these new people groups.”  Michael is now speaking.  “We are talking hundreds of different mini-nations.  There weren’t any full-scale wars going on, but it did mean a lot more babysitting.”

    “Come now, Michael,” Natalie says, “it wasn’t that bad.  It took much adjusting to, but it wasn’t until Darkster and Star showed up that things blew up.”

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