Laughing in triumph at accomplishing her goal, Keb shoots these theories down.  “No, no, dear, Natalie Baylor is Natalie Baylor, but I just can’t deny it anymore that, as I’m pretty sure it’s been pointed out in the past, for whatever reason, my brother and I have noticed our friendship is echoed in little ways in the other storyboards, beyond just your typical ‘each universe has its own version.’  It’s kind of like how the impact of the Ultimate Machine was so devasting that it resulted in time leaks and echoes across the entire System.  Don’t ask me what’s so special about me.  I just count it a blessing that my brother and I have a friendship so famous, he he he!”

    As nicely and tactfully as she can, Faye asks, “Lady Keb, it’s like you said, each storyboard has its own rendition, just like anything else.  There are multiple James, multiple Amys, several different versions of everything.  In fact, there’s an infinite number of storyboards, so everyone gets their fair share of the attention out there, somewhere.  I don’t mean to belittle your friendship, but could it be that it only seems you two are so dominant because that’s your perspective?”

    Keb is dumbfounded while AB must admit this is a very good point.  “Does kind of sound conceited when she puts it that way, sis.”


    Realizing the silliness of her ego trip, the defeated Kebbers lets the Baylors have the spotlight back, which means Natalie gets the spotlight back.  “It’s okay, Kebs.  You know you’re still my kindred spirit.”

    Kammy questions if we are biblically permitted to call people kindred spirits.

    “So,” Adam takes the reigns, forcing the sisters to chill out, “AB informed me that you already know about our checkered past, well, our origin anyway.  Praise God, we didn’t do anything scandalous like the ones that raised us, trapped in that lab.  By the time we were old enough to start our adventures, our authority figures swapped out to people with a little more common sense, so we were allowed to live as normal individuals.  But when you have every power imaginable, what else is there to do but wander around, looking for people to help?

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