“Ha ha!  Love and war, sweetie.”  The girls exchange playful smiles so the others know they’re kidding.  “I’m the wonderful leader of the four, the elegant Natalie Baylor, and these are my subjects, Adam and the lot.  I would say Adam’s in charge, but he couldn’t even do something as simple as dress nostalgic for our history lesson.  How lame is that, right?”

    “Ha ha, look here, trouble,” Adam steps in, “just because your dress got back from the cleaners before the rest of our stuff doesn’t put you in charge.”

    “The cleaners, Adam?  Seriously?  That’s a joke I can’t even defend.”  Julia hides the pitiful smile her brother’s bad pun has summoned.

    “Whoa!” Keb sees her chance and jumps on it, changing into her favorite dress in the blink of an eye.  She changes to her shorter hairstyle as well to emphasize the thing she noticed.  “I’m sure we’ve mentioned this before, but since this is a lesson on System history and such, look at this, guys.  Look at Natalie’s dress, and look at my dress.  Then, when you’ve had your fill of our beauty, listen to Natalie Baylor talk and watch her interaction with Adam Baylor, whose initials just happen to be….”

    Elfie and Gigi see it.

    “So, would that make Natalie you from Storyboard XL?” concludes Elfie.

    “Is Adam Baylor the XL version of AB?!” thunders Gigi.

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