Tiffany hisses at this, muttering, “I can’t believe a senior System Guard official doesn’t even know basic manners.”

    Faye, equally disturbed, assures her, “Even adults can make mistakes, I guess.”

    Cici admits that she doesn’t remember much of being dead.  “The Drawing Board wasn’t created until the Storyboard XII days, so I ceased to exist altogether until AB used the time device to bring me back.  Heh heh, I Ci-ceased to exist.  I like it.  Except I don’t, because I like to exist.”

    All eyes are on Keb.  “I don’t want to talk about it.”

    Gasping, Gigi asks, “What?!  You died, Lady Keb?!”

    “It’s not important.”

    AB lovingly pries.  “Aw, come on, baby sis; you know you want to tell them.  Just get it over with.”  She grunts, but big brother’s not deterred in the least.  “Kebber, how did you die?  Come on.”

    Taking the biggest, longest breath she can, the guilty party final concedes.  “It was an accident,” trickles out of her mouth.”

    “I’m sorry?  I couldn’t hear you, lovely.”  You seriously think Cici is going to let this opportunity of torture escape?  “You’ll have to say it loud so we can all hear you, babe.  Be a good example, now.”

    Finally letting it all out, she explains in a little growl, “I blew myself up in the lab!”  She pauses to take notes of who all snickers.  People will be moving to the Drawing Board for this.  “So, I watched the video footage and what it shows is me, jamming along, cause I’m a music-maniac, when all the sudden, the new weapon I’m working on blows up.  AB rushes into the room to find me lying against the wall like a dopey ragdoll that just fell into a coal mine, all black and dusty, having that goofy ‘hello, I’m not home.  I’m dead,’ look on my face.  Apparently, something stabbed me just right.  However, before he can react properly, the time device I had set in the room, just in case, went off and brought me back.  I mean, I’m no rookie.  I wasn’t born yesterday.  I take the correct safety measures to make sure I don’t die…or at least not for long.  I woke up, all ready for more, but Mr. Policeman forbade me from abusing our resurrection technology because we never know when the System Director might decide a death needs to be final.  So yeah, Cici dies in the machine apocalypse and I kick it from simply being a klutz.  How preposterous!”

    Highly entertained, Faye leans in and asks, “How did you enjoy being dead, Keb?”

    Tiffany adds, “Here lies Keb, mad scientist extraordinaire.”

    “A eulogy…cute, Tiffany.” The blue and white zombie takes in the taunts.  “Well, Faye, to answer your question, it was absolutely no different.  I was there for only a second and knew I would be leaving in a moment.  That’s even less interaction than I have when I go to visit my friends and family.”

    While the kids continue to heckle poor Katherine Elisabeth, our honored guests finally arrive, relieving the prisoner of her torture, much to Cici’s chagrin.

    “Everyone,” AB proudly announces, “These are the Baylors, the Four Corners!  This is Adam, Julia, Natalie and Michael Baylor.  Say hi, everyone.”  This starts the greeting wagon which lasts for a few minutes before AB asks the kids a question regarding the four.

    Cici beats him to it.  “Can anyone point out something very important about the Baylors?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s what they’re wearing.”

    Owan surprises everyone by managing to answer first.  “They are wearing SBXI System Guard armor.”

    While everyone is cheering on Big O, Cici follows up by asking the significance of this attire.  When no one has an answer for this, Cici gleefully announces, “They’re not dead!  These are the genuine artifacts, straight from our HQ.  I mean, they’re super old, considering how long they’ve been around in their timeline, but even so, they still look as young and perty as ever.”

    Natalie is the first to respond.  “Thanks, Ci.  I only hope you look this perty when you’re my age.”

    “Ouch.” Cici feels it.

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