“Yes, ma’am!” Lyger shouts with a salute.  His wife’s stare says it all, as her self-repairing sunglasses slowly teleport back over her eyes like a tinted window rolling up.  After he raises an eyebrow and gives her a light growl, he continues.  “Of all the agents, good and bad, I ever faced, the only two that ever gave me serious competition were Poison Fury and Raptor.  My wife is in a league of her own, but as far as these two went, the fight was always on.  Not that I ever had conflict with old dino-face.  We had a deep, healthy respect for one another.  Funny how his lineage was the one to be the most influential in our universe’s history while I was just added to the collection.  Remember his power?  Yeah, he made it a point to collect as many abilities as he could so that when he had kids, they’d be unstoppable.  This means he figured things out way before he ever became a dad.  And he made sure his kids were respectable agents, not unruly monsters.  So, who married that guy?  Well, you’d be surprised if I named a candidate or two who actually wanted to spend their life with a crocodile face, but he refused to torture any woman with such a fate.  That’s when he discovered his mutated biology allowed him to have kids on his own.  Let’s not dwell on that.  It really happened, and he had a son named Rex and a daughter named Tyranna.

    “When the government learned of Tyranna, it was a nightmare waiting to happen.  While she had a happy, somewhat normal life, surrounded by other superhumans, her descendants didn’t all experience the same luxury.  Soon, the government started loading up Raptor descendants with superpowers to give to the next in line so that a Raptor with every power would be born.  Unfortunately, as the human genes started kicking in, the government resorted to forced marriages of their captive experiments, which was nothing short of a horrible breeding process, until one young woman gave birth to the perfect set of children.  First, she had a son, and later a daughter and finally…she died shortly after having twins.  It was during the lifetime of these four kids that this nightmare era ended.  And you know what?  Everyone that knows the story of these four siblings adores them and their happy adventures so much, very few even pay attention to their sad beginning.  What kids am I speaking of?  Why, it’s the team you’re going to meet next.”

    And with Lyger’s final line to the lesson, all the kids cheer, “The Four Corners!”  Oh, there’s no hiding who this team is.  If you’ve seen any of their Bible interviews or wacky life adventures, then you should recognize the Baylors as soon as you see them.  Otherwise, read our comics, yo!  While so many questions have arisen, many of them can probably either be answered by Duplica or by the Baylors, so they are encouraged to wait for sake of time.

    “Mom, I don’t know why we rush so much.  This is a time-traveling trip.  It’s not like we can be late to anywhere.” Gigi says this then holds up her hands with a look of “what’s up with that?”

    “Baby,” Cat says calmly as she smiles at her daughter, “one thing you’ll understand when you get older is that grown-ups don’t make sense.”

    Her face says it all, but just in case, Grace Grace adds, “Oh, I understand that now.”

    The group begins the farewells, and with the guests returning to the Drawing Board, Jocelyn asks if there are any questions.  Now is the perfect time for Kammy, and she wastes no time capitalizing.

    “Can you clear up the details of time flow and marriage in the Drawing Board?  How can time span a century for one person but only a decade for another person, and why do dead couples act like they’re still married?”  Kammy feels much better having spilled all these interrogatives.

    Jocelyn applauds her choice and attempts to answer her.  “Well, the Drawing Board used to be divided up to each respective storyboard, though it was much easier for the deaders to cross back and forth than the living, so of course time flowed differently then.  Nowadays, it’s in the same universe, so it’s all good.  As for marriage, just like in real life, death ends a marriage.  However, since we’re kinda’ not the same species as real-world people, heh, we kind of have the luxury of making whatever changes best fit our setting, so the deaders sometimes have the option to remarry in the Drawing Board.  Being dead for us is literally no different than being alive on house arrest.  If we wanted to, we could take you to see the Drawing Board right now as if it were a trip to the store.”

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