Lyger adds with a smile, “However, I’m very glad to report that when I got to the Drawing Board and talked to the real Gazelle about it, she was completely clueless, as usual, and was so apologetic over things she didn’t even do.  I felt so much better realizing this poor girl had been spared all the posthumous heartache.”

    As you might expect, this short monologue was enough to strike Tiffany with a hint of guilt.

    “Okay, fine,” she whispers to Faye, “I don’t want to be a raging computer soul, or have you wondering how I feel about you until we meet in the Drawing Board.  I guess I can forgive you for jumping on me for nothing.  Just don’t do it again.”

    Faye smiles and sneaks a hug in.  “So, can we try being sisters again?”

    Tiffany hugs her back.  “Just as long as I can be the big sister.”

    Faye tilts her head in curiosity.  “Are you older than me?”

    Tiff doesn’t care.  “Who knows?  I still want to be the big sister.  You get Elfie, I get to be Big Sister.”

    This deal is done.

    “Ey!” Taxi reenters the conversation.  “Are we done with all the doom and gloom?  Let’s talk about the exciting stuff, like my boys and the greatest superheroine of XL, Lioness.”

    “Who just happens to be Taxi’s daughter,” Duplica points out.

    “So, she is.”  Taxi has no guilt.  “Time passed, and Lyger proved useful, so we got married.  We had Tax, Lioness and Hudson.  I’ll let my girl tell you her real name when you meet her.  Huddy was named after the billionaire friend Lyger mentioned.  Great guy, a really great friend.  His friendship was worth a lot to us.  Nah, we did well enough on our own that we didn’t have to bum off of him.  Logoya married a SUSIE child named Ian Boom and had monstrously powerful kids, Brad the Exciting, Lady Captain Stupendous and Terrific Pretty.  She could have given them a lesson in codenames though.  Also, I should point out that while superpowers were on a low during our generation, our kids grew up in a whole different world compared to us.  It wasn’t on par with what Acer Darcy dealt with, but even so, lots of flying and laser eyes going around.”

    “Ha ha, the Eye of Justice!” chimes in Logoya, “Pretty neat pun on Night Gale’s hurricane-blasting son, as opposed to a simple Cold Justice II.  That girl and her daughter…. Oh, well.  Rhina had Rhinor, Nova Shine had Sparky, David and Katie had Jimmy Day.”

    “Yeah, not everyone went into the codenaming business.” Taxi laments.  “Then again, not too much happened that’s worth talking about here.  I’m sure Lyger would want to expound on his Memorial Mystery case where he finally caught Poison Fury after forever, but you kids do need to live, eat and sleep, so we’ll finish with Raptor’s two kids.  Oh man, will you need to understand that before you shoot to the next era!  Lyger, hon, think you can stay disciplined enough to focus only on Raptor’s kids?”

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