“Yes, sir,” she complies.  “the Leader was going to rule the world…until rubber duckies covered his screen.  This computer was the uploaded mind of an evil genius from the period right after Acer and Buddy, but Poison Fury had outsmarted him, as Fury typically outsmarts everyone, and so the army now belonged to Lyger’s evil rival.  However, we had managed to undo the brainwashing part of the problem.  This meant whoever chose to fight on either side was doing so of their own accord.  The big clash began, and most of the villains died.  The rest were captured.  Many of the experiments died, but I think most, if not all, the agent survived.  If I’m wrong, please forgive me.  Also, I’d like to defend Salt Teen and Sodium.  Another reason for their gross misunderstanding is that they both wore glasses, so since you can’t wear eyewear and be a superhero, they tried to do everything with the world being a blur to them.  Of course, mistakes are going to be made.”

    Taxi throws her glasses behind her boldly saying, “Well, you heard it.  What was I thinking all these years?” while a hilarious cracking of glass is heard.  “Okay, chump, I’m taking over the story before you embarrass yourself any further.  No, David, stop being a statue and be useful.”

    “Oh yeah!” echoes around the group as everyone has forgotten he’s even there.

    “Grr!” He’s frustrated as he realizes what part of the story they’re at.  “The only thing left to say is that we won the fight and stopped the plot, but in the process, not only did Poison Fury escape, someone else departed…though in heart.  My friend, Nathan Night, betrayed us and tried to help the villains.  I was devasted when I had to be the one to stop him.  Watching you guys take him to prison…I hated that.”

    Faye clicks her tongue in disgust.  “Betrayal is a cruel thing, don’t you think, Tiff?”

    Wincing, she whispers back, “What happened to that maturity nonsense you were murmuring?”

    Puckering her lips to the side in thought, Faye carefully responds, “It is hard not being ill with you being my friend, then stealing my boyfriend.  Guess I should forgive you.  Wanna’ try again?”

    Tiff’s eyes fill with annoyance.  “I didn’t steal your boyfriend.  He’s not your boyfriend.  We’re not dating.  He smiled at me or something when I asked a question.  If you’re that temperamental, we shouldn’t be friends.  But if he does like me, stinks to be you.”

    Willingly ignorant of the teen drama, Lyger picks up on the theme of betrayal.  “There was a lot of side-switching going on over the years.  I remember when billionaire Michael Hudson was kidnapped by some thugs hired by Victoria Patterson.  He literally paid the thugs more to work for him instead.  They were just a couple of guys trying to care for their grandma, so he helped them do it the right way.”

    Gigi is so happy.  “I know this one!  Victoria Patterson is the name of Rue’s sister from Little Deli Island.  This must be a descendant, probably from that relative brought back during The Grave Debate.”

    Cat dances at her daughter’s brain.  “You’re close, baby.  She’s a descendant from Rue’s other sister Emery.  That’s, eh, how the name could pass down from a family of all girls.  Spiritual lesson is don’t be a Proverbs 7 woman.  Be a Proverbs 31 lady.”

    “Moving on,” Lyger quickly leaves that behind, “I helped Michael track down the ones out to kill him.  I discovered Mount Muscle and Silver Shot working for the villain, which saddened me.  Silver had a change of heart, thank goodness, but not Muscle, ending up in prison.  It was all a hodgepodge of betrayal.  A former rookie agent, Gazelle, had gotten herself killed because she never listened to anything I said, but her sacrifice saved the life of billionaire Oliver Patterson.  He funded a project to load Gazelle’s memory into a computer, but the bitter girl bullied Ollie into being a successful underground crime lord.  His daughter Victoria was going to kill Mike Hudson as a birthday present for her father, but she was such a jerk to her friends, killing one in a cold-blooded toddler rant, that Vicky met her own fate having been shot by her only surviving friend.  We dealt with Oliver and then Gazelle, who was trying to create a cyborg army, but as usual, she was so hasty and sloppy that her plan fell flat on its face.  Luckily for Gazelle, even though it was just a computer simulation, I felt so bad that I had her memory ‘detained’ so she could get counselling.  The simulation died in prison, having gotten over herself.”

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