Logoya pulls a chameleon and happily states, “Of course, as an Infinite and a deader, I can do whatever I want with the scar.  I’m only wearing it today for sake of the lesson.”

    “Pff, while we’re at it, I might as well show I can exist without my sunglasses.  I even smile on occasion.  The point is we both stopped wearing masks to hide our scars.”  Having done this, both the girls resume their previous appearance, Taxi adjusting her shades with a tremor.  “Man, that felt good.  I was such a noob when I was younger.”

    There is a small round of applause after which Lyger points to Katie, “That brings us to you, hon.”

    Rubbing her hand and smiling nervously, she chuckles.  “Aw, Lyger, it’s not that big a deal.  Yeah, I grew up a little on that mission, too.  The agent girls were all about hiding who they were.  I guess I went the other way and was so proud of who I was, I went overboard.  Bad hygiene, horrible grammar, messy hair and dress.  No wonder David couldn’t stand me.  Of course, physically threatening everyone for any given thing didn’t help either.  I’m so grateful for you ladies teaching me how to take care of myself and how to interact with others.  I see my old self and wonder how such an oddball animal ever managed to get around in life, ha ha, it was horrible!”

    Hugging his wife, David comforts her, “You’re my amazing Katie the Butterfly.  You definitely chose the right name for yourself.”

    “Raptor!”  Lyger sees the time.  “While he was a SUSIE kid, he was the victim of a horrible process that turned him into a reptilian freak.  However, the purpose of his treatment was to give him the ability to use any power he came in contact with.  This, however, failed…or so it was believed.  The actual results wouldn’t surface until the next generation, because whatever power Raptor came into contact with didn’t go to him…but to his children.”

    Logoya butts in.  “This, now, brings us to the main event of our mission.  This is when we all reunited and found out who was behind this whole nonsense.  All of our worst enemies, or at least those we hadn’t defeated along the way during this field trip, were all together, working for Poison Fury and his boss the Leader.  They had a hundred victims of genetic modification and brainwashing at their disposal to add to their forces.  This was all in hopes of creating the Ultimate Being, or the Maximum Machine.  Someone once described it as, ‘a machine made of flesh and steel, iron…and clay…that always brings the end to whatever universe it enters.”

    Kammy recognizes all of this.  “It’s Ultimax.  The Ultimate Machine is Ultimax, and we saw him get destroyed during last year’s history trip.  And isn’t Iron-Clay a term from Storyboard VII?  I read about it somewhere.  When you said his effects were felt across every storyboard, you weren’t kidding, Lady Duplica.”

    AB nonchalantly states, “Ask Beebotset Inron and New Ruyngard about Max’s influence.”

    “Who?” asks a dumbfounded Kammy C.

    “Never mind,” says AB, “Logoya, finish the story.”

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