“Okay clowns, let’s continue the lesson.”  Lyger succeeds in resuming class.  Good going, AB.  And don’t even get me started, Kebber.  “You should be able to check out the events preceding our meeting David Day in the Lyger series by now, so I’m going to skip to the big to-do we came across thanks to the beautifully crafted blog of Miss Katie.”

    “Ugh,” Katie says with a shiver, “I was so uncivilized back then, ha ha!  Sorry, sir, go on.”

    Lyger resumes.  “We were pursuing my nemesis Poison Fury, who was apparently working for a villainous computer program called the Leader, when we came across an interesting blog post that mentioned the kind of chicanery and mischief in which my fatal foe would indulge.  So, we met Katie and her friend David and contacted their other companions Night, Sunset and Gioko to gain more information.  We decided to bring everyone together, and from there, we split up into teams and targeted the location we deduced to be housing the enemy forces, the amusement park known as Family Fun Universe.”

    Logoya crosses her arms, regretting the choice of cast to appear.  “Guys, since we did break up for that mission, do you think we should have gotten someone from that team to come with us?”

    “Wow!” Sunset rolls her eyes, her heart breaking into a million pieces.  “Miss Williams, would you like to stab me any deeper, or was that painful enough?”

    Realizing her goof, Logoya apologizes, though breaking codenames as Sunset just did.  “Sorry, Mary!  I’m so sorry!  It’s been centuries, you know.  That is a long time to remember such things.”

    While Mary Sunset and Logoya Williams have their names thrown out there, Katie finds it her mission to expound the trivia.  “Did you know Lyger’s real name is Daniel William Prey?  I don’t know Taxi’s first name, but I know her last name is North.”

    Everyone stares at her, trying to process this random roll call.  Patting her on the back, her husband congratulates her.  “Babe, I’m glad to see your memory still works.”

    Katie sighs and waves for the lesson to go on.

    Sunset thanks her pal for the helpful hints and takes over.  “David and Katie went with Lyger and the girls while Nathan, Gioko and I went with the likes of Raptor, Night Gale, Bayle Hey, Wolf Woman and Nova Shine.  We got the cool team, man!”

    David disagrees.  “Cold Justice is obviously the coolest, heh.  Don’t forget we had Globe Trotter.  You three are cool, too, Lyger.”

    Sunset has to agree that those agents are good teammates as well.  Most of them are, to be honest.  Mount Muscle is no one’s favorite though.  “And we had Rhina!  Y’all got the old-fashioned one.”

    “Hey!”  Katie roars, “Don’t talk about Armadilla that way!”

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