As voices can be heard expressing displeasure at this thought, Taxi sharply rebukes them with a simple, “Chickens.”

    Logoya, on the other hand tries to lift the spirit of the class.  “Oh, come on, guys.  Don’t you want to hear about the mysterious Night Gale or Agent Raptor?  There’s the scorching Nova Shine from Kentucky and Cold Justice from Alaska.  Of course, you can’t forget David and Katie’s friends Nathan Night and Gioko.  Oh, and there’s my personal favorite, Wolf Woman.  She’s blind, but got skills as great as Raptor or Night Gale.  Bayle Hey seems quiet, but what secrets does she really hold?  Globe Trotter is a super runner, Salt Teen uses, well, salt attacks.”

    Taxi interrogates Logoya.  “I thought I was your favorite agent.  Some friend you are.”

    “Oh brother,” Logoya shakes her head and smiles, “best friend and favorite agent aren’t necessarily the same, pal.  Speaking of favorite, which armored gal was yours, Armadilla or Rhina?”

    Taxi thinks for a second.  “Under that blue helmet is a pretty, preppy blonde.  Under the red helmet is a seasoned veteran with a patch over her left eye.  Which do you think I prefer?”

    “That’s so you.  But Rhina’s blue armor is so sleek and stylish.  Still, Armadilla’s choice of the older rocketeer model is admirable, considering how well she keeps up with her blue rival.  Continuing on, we have Secretary Saluda, Southern Belle, along with Saluda’s sister Charlotte Connect.  We also have the monstrous machine Tank, not to be confused with the thing AB and Ultimax fought.  He may look like a big block of metal, but don’t let that deceive you.  There’s also Agent Silver Shot with his arrow-firing wrist bands, Agent Doctor—” Logoya stops to snicker at this name as she still can’t get over the apparent humor in his codename and attire choice.  “You know, even though Pitbull doesn’t get the attention he deserves, I remember he and Lyger always had a healthy respect for one another as agents.  It’s probably because they shopped at the same clothing store.  The last four I’ll mention are Fred and Felicia Maley, Tornado and Mount Muscle.  The Maleys were wonderful inventors and a cute, corny couple to watch interact.  To my understanding, Fred’s summer getaway mansion was visited by Adam Baylor of the Four Corners.  I’ll have to ask him about that.  Tornado had gusty powers, and Mount Muscle’s pride was as big as his biceps, very annoying.”

    “That’s a lot of names,” says Owan, scratching his head.  “Will these all be on a quiz?  Can you spell them for me?”

    Teacher Jocelyn apathetically puts her hands up and replies, “There wasn’t going to be a written quiz, but since you’re already expecting it, can’t disappoint.”

    “No, no, no,” Owan shakes his hands in desperate disagreement, “that’s totally cool.  I’m totally cool with there being no written quiz.”

    Annoyed, Faye thanks him for dooming them.  “If I get bad grades because of you, you’re dead.”

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