Chapter 3  Mysteries Day & Night

    We come to that bizarre point in history where we went from Zombies to Raptors.  You’ll see what I mean soon enough.  You’ll also see a change in the amount of pictures as well, in case you’re wondering.

    “Here they come, guys.  Sorry my class is late, but the teacher has responsibility issues.”

    The teleportation process hasn’t even ended yet when Duplica is greeted with this.

    “I’ll discipline your issues!!” she squawks.

    While Cat’s squabbling keeps AB entertained, the rest of the crew meet the cast that was eagerly awaiting their arrival.  The nicely dressed man is Agent Lyger, the quiet beauty in the sunglasses is his wife Taxi and the girl with the scar on her face who looks ready for a hike is Agent Logoya.  With them are David Day, his wife Katie and their friend who calls herself Sunset.  What things could this lot have to say?

    “Ha, all this talk of wives is a bit much, don’t you think, sis?”  This quietly spoken question comes from Tiffany and is directed at you-know-who.

    “Don’t call me your sister, Tiffany.  We’re friends, and that’s it.  You might be a thief, but that’s no reason to stoop to your level.”  Faye takes a deep breath, not believing the words that just came out of her mouth.

    Even Gigi who heard this can’t help but smile.  “There, Grace,” she scolds herself, “do you see?  You should learn to have patience like Faye and not be such a hothead.  *Snicker*”

    While this buffoonery goes on, the temporary teachers insist on starting right away since there’s a lot to cover.

    Putting his hands in his pockets, Lyger begins.  “So, to set the stage, there were one hundred agents as well as one hundred experimental subjects we dealt with.  If we want to finish on time, I should go ahead and start naming to get it out of the way.”

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