As Paul returns, however, he is not alone, but has brought Lady Vahnna, a System Guard very familiar to the class, along with him as she apparently caught him leaving the school just in time to catch up with everyone.

    “He he!  It’s a good thing I saw Paul,” explains Vahnna.  “I had arrived as you left, and I felt bad because I had planned to surprise you guys with a quick visit.  I was about to hop over here on my own, but when I spied him rushing back and forth, I figured we could return together.”

    The girls rush over and surround their hero, invading Paul’s personal space.

    “What made you decide to grace us with your presence?” asks Gigi.

    Vahnna answers, “Oh, I thought you could use the random encounter, and I also have a message for you, specifically for Faye.”

    “What’s that?” inquires the subject of the previous statement.

    “Well,” says Lady Vahnna, “I saw your mom and expressed to her my frustration with being late, but she said this was probably for the best because there was a special student who is beating herself up for a small mishap this morning.  Your mom thought you would appreciate knowing that even we veterans have our silly moments.”

    Faye gives Vahnna the biggest hug she can and thanks her for the words of encouragement.  “You don’t know how much I need that, Lady Vahnna.  Will you tell my mummy that I love her very much?”

    “You know I will.”  The System Guard kisses her young friend on the top of her head and looks at the others.  “Hey, don’t kill me, but I seriously only came for a minute of random ‘hello,’ so now that I have successfully crashed this party, I’m leaving, ha ha!”

    Yep, as sporadically as she came, she says her goodbyes to the crew and blips out of sight, back to the present day.  So, uh, what now AB?

    “Ha ha!  Now, I can finally talk about SUSIE.  Okay so, let’s talk about Zombies and coffee.  Once upon a time, best friends Tina and Misa came across a lost dog, and in searching for the dog’s owner, the girls found a great job opportunity at a new coffee shop.  Little did they know, however, that this was actually a secret agent organization which they would soon join for the rest of their lives.  Thus, Tina and Misa joined the Coffee Spies.

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