Faye looks at the group with hopeful eyes and asks, “So, everything still turned out alright, right?”

    Dana nods.  “You’re sweet for trying to cheer us up.  It did get better.  Unfortunately, we lost a lot of friends, including Spear and T-Bird, but we recovered, had many more crazy adventures and even learned of the existence of other storyboards, even though we never visited yours in our lifetime.  Hey!  For that matter, just be glad you guys don’t have to worry about the iu cap like we did.  In our storyboard, the power limit was two trillion iu.  If you hit this, you became an Infinite, but the moment you did something that required your full power as an Infinite, the physics of our universe would freak out and put you back at ground zero, losing your virtually limitless power, making the strongest the weakest until they could work their way back up.  That’s super stressful, man!”

    Coughing, AB admits, “We’ve thought of implementing that elsewhere several times.  Can’t guarantee it won’t be a thing again one day.  At any rate, you guys have done beautifully, but we need to hurry.  We talked so much about Key and SUSIE that time was running short even before you got here.”

    “That’s right, grandpa!  Why didn’t you start with introducing us to Key?”  Duplica crosses her arms and looks at her ancestor, quite upset.  “Even if you literally skipped over two thousand years of XL history, you could have at least let us meet him now, since he was a part of this era, too.”

    Confident and cool, AB adjusts his glasses and responds, “You really think you’re ready to know why you haven’t met him yet?”

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