Faye and Tiffany burst out in excitement and simultaneously declare, “It’s that Molly!  Jackson got her killed!”

    Elfie is highly impressed.  “Good job, Faye!”  Little does he know the impact his words have as his wonderful would-be girlfriend gives Tiffany the sharpest look of unfaltering victory that is met with a surprisingly equal hint of determination for Elf’s attention.  Yup, looks like the fuse for another potential Valentine’s Day war has just been ignited.

    “Eva, finish this, will you?  You’re a doll.”  Dana points and winks.

    “Gotcha covered, girl.”  Elegantly pushing her hair back, Eva thinks about what should come next.  “I suppose you want to know how Molly went from dying at Grille’s hand to being the maniacal ruler of the US government.  I’ll explain.  Key, Molly, Sea Dude, a guy they rescued named Jason, and Lady Spectacular were all brought back as Zombies.  However, while Key became Zombie Black, Jason became Zombie Gold, Sea Dude became Zombie Blue and Lady Spec became Lady Z; Molly was utilized as facility personnel rather than used in combat.  Her betrayal by Key was withheld from her memory restoration, and it was this mistake that led to her going mad.  Does anyone see a problem so far?”

    Paul does.  “You said they made her forget what Key did.  Wasn’t it Jackson?  Or was it Jason?”

    “Good job!”  Duplica is so proud.

    Eva happily answers, “Jason was just one of the experiments Key and his gang rescued in Grille’s base.  Jackson was the one who ran like a coward.  It had been so long that the history had been messed up.  In truth, because of Jackson’ value regarding the lost technology of the System Swords, his remains were annihilated and much of his data erased from history to prevent him being revived as a Zombie.  Those swords are the last thing the enemy needs in their hands.  Well, all that said, Molly remembered what happened to her and was angry at the attempt to make her forget.  Remember, this isn’t a clone, it’s the Molly.  So, her vengeance started the horrific Happy War.

    “Then, after a ton of death, we found a way to reverse the effects of the serum on a wide scale and eventually stopped her schemes.  In the end, Key was the one to knock his old friend unconscious, allowing her to be detained.  Because it was determined she just had a major reaction to the revival process, along with the mountain of trauma her mind awoke to, Molly was allowed to live, undergoing a ton of counselling and such, until she finally returned to being a civil human.  Key got to have regular sparring matches with his old buddies Zombies Gold and Blue while he waited for Lady Z to eventually drop back down from orbit.  Yeah, she kinda’ got launched during the battle, and we all thought she was surely dead, but Key’s like, ‘Misa?  Killed like that?  Give it a week and she’ll come plummeting down through the atmosphere.’  Sure enough, she came back.”

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